Youthful Sayings


“World is the destiny of life which holds the correspondence of the future”.

Students are the future generation of the world. The young souls should have their own responsibilities to achieves something on this earth. They should have their own ambitions, goals and aspirations. They are born on this earth; they have to achieve something or the other. It is their duty to think what they ought to be and try to bring out some difference in their life.

Freedom, liberty and happiness are not the only things in life; each individual should have good character, culture and discipline to achieve their goals. In the present world not all students have these qualities and thought to achieve their goals, not all students set their future prospects.


A students mind should be like a purified, divine soul which can realize its value, nature and significance. He or she should know how to set goals or ambitions, each individual should try to be a special human being on this earth, a special achievement which would leave their significance on this earth.

Father of our Nation Mahatma Gandhi has said few words “Born to lead a man is the product of his thoughts, what he thinks he becomes.” Man is born on this earth to achieve, whatever a man thinks or dreams to be, he is surely going to achieve is someday or the other. This thought represents to broad minded personalities, who dream big in their lives and to each and every individual.

Young minds (students) in the present world do not have ambitions or goals and aspirations. They are yet under immature state of mind. They do not realize their responsibilities. Their mind is not broadened to the applicability and capability of thinking creation, innovation, invention and foundation.

It is the duty and responsibility of the educational institutions to have this point of view to develop their students. They should have well accomplished, knowledgeable, capable lecturers who are not only skilful in their subjects but also relating to students all-round developmental activities, it would surely be helpful to the students.


Parents play a major role; they have their greater influence on their child. Parents should share their day to day activities with their children and treat them equally knowledgeable to realize then that they are grown ups and should have responsibilities. Light ans specialized responsibilities should be given to their children. They should impart their knowledge to their children in all area of activities.

Simple living, high thinking, intellectual policies should be developed in each and every student. They should have well developed communicating skills and limited principles to become a special human being on this earth.


Today if it is someone else, tomorrow you may be a special human being or a supreme personality on this earth.