Today, women are in neck and neck competition with the men. Be it in any sphere – art, science, politics, technology, commerce, sports, medicine, defense or media, women have made a mark in each and every stream. Women are no longer confined in the four corners of their room unlike in ancient India. They have succeeded in emerging as a strong gender in spite of being physically weak compared to the male gender and have ever since trying to make a difference to the world they live in.


The middle class women have also struggled to find suitable jobs for them in order to share the various expenses of day to day life with their husbands. Besides their house hold activities, they have managed to come out of their shells and find jobs in the various sectors. They have proved those stereotypes wrong who believe that women are not capable of learning and holding high profile posts and those who regard women as mere child producing machines.


Empowering women is also an indispensable tool for the government for advancing towards development and at the same time reducing poverty which further leads to a more progressive and better economic development as a whole. The Indian government has introduced certain schemes like Rajiv Gandhi Scheme for empowerment of young girls, and many other similar ones to support women empowerment and has succeeded to some extent in getting rid of the wide range of social evils practiced against women. There are various NGOs that have been formed to support women and empower them in every aspect of their lives. Strict laws and regulations have been made and implied by the government in order to monitor the atrocities done against women and punish those responsible for it. Many international agreements have also been signed to empower women and consider them equal to men.


There is no doubt that women have emerged as a strong gender as compared to the past but despite of this, the violence against them in different forms still continues. To practice women empowerment worldwide, people need to change their perspectives first. It is the Government’s responsibility to change the mind-set of the Indian citizens who believe that women should not be given status and positions that are equal to men. Laws and regulations that are formed for the protection of the rights of women should be put into immediate action and those violating these laws should be punished. Women should get equal right and respect in every aspect because women empowerment is the need of the hour. For a better world, for a better future and for a better society, women empowerment is the most vital issue that needs to be achieved, the sooner the better.