Why should we need to do some Physical Exercises Regularly?


To live a healthy and stress-free life nowadays, we all should need to incorporate more physical activities in our life. Researchers have found that exercise helps in removing depression as well as many other diseases too. Today as the lifestyle for most of us is becoming tougher day by day; it’s really not possible to get rid of stress or depression easily. So it’s always good for all of us to do little bit of exercises on daily basis so that we won’t have to face any health problems.

There are many physical exercises which we can do like for example, jogging or walking at morning or evening, playing outdoor games like cricket, football, or even joining gym. Exercise also helps in improving sleepiness which is really necessary for our health as well as to make our body active.


Doing exercise regularly is the most important thing to keep our body as well as mind healthy and disease free. A person should do minimum of 20-30 minutes of physical exercise daily which would give them results in many forms like:

  1. Boosting energy,
  2. Reducing the risk of several diseases,
  3. Helping in weight loss,
  4. Reducing stress as well as depression,
  5. Increasing the strength of bones as well as muscles,
  6. Improving mental health,
  7. Reducing the risk of heart attack,
  8. Maintaining blood pressure,
  9. Maintaining blood cholesterol level, and
  10. Helping to be active


Activities needed to be done:

For keeping our body healthy and active we should regularly do certain activities like:

  1. Jogging or walking at morning or evening,
  2. Cycling as much as we can,
  3. Swimming as it is one of the best exercises,
  4. Playing some outdoor games,
  5. Women might join dance classes as it is also one of the exercises which will make them fitter than ever, or else
  6. joining gym


It’s obviously not so possible for most of us to get time from our busy schedule for doing some exercises but still if we won’t do exercise, we could face many health problems, if not now, probably afterwards. So it’s always good for us to keep atleast 15-20 minutes from our busy schedule for doing exercises.

Moreover, if someone won’t get much time, the best exercise for them would be to walk more often without using some public transport. If the destination is too far, they can often use bicycle as their transport.

If we really want to and work on this we could surely lead a healthy and happy life for lifetime. As our life is god gifted to us, we should always do something which would make it stronger as well as more beautiful.