Why Education Needs to Change and What it will be Like

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I might draw flak for saying this, but I will say it anyway.

The education system that we have in place does more harm than good. 

It’s not venting. I know nothing will change. Parents will continue to enroll their kids in public schools where they will be taught to parrot, not to learn or enhance their creativity. And their aptitude as learners will continue to be measured in terms of how much they score in exams.

The rise of the unschooling movement, however, gives me a faint glimmer of hope. Unschoolers reject conventional schooling; they believe it enforces conformity, pressures children to follow the crowd when in reality what they need to do is just the opposite.

Education and schooling 

Sadly, education and schooling are often used interchangeably, and that in my opinion, is the biggest drawback of the current education system. Education is a wonderful thing, but not schooling. The two needs to be separated, in order for the former to have a context where it is useful for people of all ages.

Education beyond schooling 

At the heart of education is learning. Education is supposed to facilitate learning. But the kind of education delivered in schools today has very little to do with learning. It teaches conformity and forces students to follow their teachers, instead of developing their own unique, individualistic persona.

The goal of education 

Education can change the world but only if it remains true to its goal, which is creating an atmosphere that is conducive for learning, encouraging learners to realize their true potential.

True education has faith in learners, especially if they are children. Because children don’t have psychological blockages that define adulthood. True education doesn’t expect learners to merely follow school curriculum and produce homework. It has a goal and that goal is to make pupils interested in learning.

The future of education 

What is the future of today’s education system? Will school-based education survive? Will it be replaced by homeschooling or unschooling? I have a theory that I’d like to discuss here.

Unschooling will grow

The number of parents that don’t send their children to school will only increase. It’s logical to surmise that as the cost of public education has been on the rise post 2008 recession. Parents will want to avoid tuition fee and unschooling will appear to them as a feasible option. Parents who are fairly educated – have done graduation – will play the role of tutor. Basically, parents will switch between homeschooling and unschooling.

Technology will dominate education 

Udemy is a great example of how web technologies can supplant traditional school-based education. Before Udemy, there were schools, colleges and universities that existed only on the Internet. They didn’t have any offline presence. Udemy was just a step ahead. In the future, hundreds of Udemy like platforms will spring up, making it unnecessary to attend public or private schools.

Education will become goal-oriented

Increasing knowledge has always been the key purpose of education. Amid today’s cut-throat competition, however, achieving specific goals is more important. Conventional education is riddled with unnecessary elements; for example, if someone has interest in art, there’s no reason for them to study math or physics. Extreme pressure from the job market is changing classical education. It is already morphing into a career centric knowledge acquiring program.

This trend will continue and micro aspects of education will take the spotlight in the future as these aspects will prove invaluable for achieving discrete goals.

Blogs will replace books 

I see it happening already. I won’t be surprised at all if in the future books are completely replaced by Internet blogs/vlogs. If children are allowed to follow their own passion and interests, many will turn their back on books and begin to obtain information from blogs.

Books are not interactive the same way a blog is; it takes long to read a book in its entirety. Blogs, on the other hand, are succinct and get down to the point quickly.

Gaming and education 

Gaming – both online and console-based – has been a fad for a very long time. I believe education and gaming will merge platforms in the future. With unschooling movement growing, schools will do their best to make education a rewarding experience to learners.

They would tap gaming – an embodiment of “infotainment” – to make students interested in learning. Learning and playing will not be separate experiences for students; they will play to learn. Schools will do their best to spice up education and make it an enjoyable experience to stay relevant. 

The bottomline

The way I see it, education will become a fun-filled experience in the future. Psychological impediments to learning arise from a rigid and constricted view of education. With the importance of schooling fading away, education of tomorrow will be much more flexible. Learners and tutors alike will recognize that opening new schools is not spreading education. It goes much much deeper than that.



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