Why do People Show off?


Showing off is merely nothing but is similar to what people usually say “did you notice me?” Most of us don’t like people who just show off to others because we mostly assume that they are more arrogant than they actually are. People who are like this, they mostly have the habit to show that they are very happy; possessing many things that others really wants to get or achieve. But what most people don’t know is that they are much different than even what they think of themselves.

Most often children try to do few distracting movements when their parents don’t give them much attention. The child might do few actions that really appear to be weird and even risky just in order to get his/her parents attention. But did anyone notice why would a child strive for attention? It could be because of he feels that he is not getting enough of it which he probably should get. If you ever had met a CEO of a big well known corporation, he is very less likely to tell you about his earnings as well as he won’t even say where he lives, simply because he well knows that you have already guessed that. When a man becomes unsure about the impression others have for him, probably that’s the time when he might start to show off to improve his image in front of them, if he really cares their opinion. Did you ever try to put a person down who is really confident or even prove him that he is worthless? If you had ever tried this before you must have noticed that he would likely to reply back by showing off about all his good qualities as well as his achievements.

show off

In short, we can say that, following are merely truth about a person who shows off to others: First of all they usually feel that they aren’t noticed or recognized by others. These people often thinks & believe that they don’t get much attention which they deserves and hence they start showing off themselves to others just to send one clear message to them which is “I am here, please notice me”. If this is the reason why people show off, then we can conclude that this type of persons usually try to get others attention just by begging them. They even care people’s opinion and sometimes even don’t think whether it is true/false or good/bad for them. For few people the opinion of others doesn’t matter much and even it doesn’t have a significant impact on their happiness. But for people who show off more, it’s just the opposite as because the opinion of others is the most important thing for them. Some of them even feel or believe that people are underestimating them and try to do their best just to prove that they are really worthy.

Does showing off really bad? It depends on how we are trying to show off ourselves to others. All the above lines are telling about people who are having unconscious mind as these types of persons feels and are confident about whatever they do, people would notice them.

Now last but not the least, how to deal with these people who generally used to show off much. If a person really matters to you, try to give him attention and he would likely to think of you too.