Weight Loss : The Idea of Staying Healthy


The lumps of meat and fat oozing outside from every corner of your body, the tireless effort to button up your jeans, the promise to do exercise and last but not the least the honest lie to yourself that you would stop eating junk foods. Yes! Dear these all are the signs in your life where you really want to improve your health issues but get dragged down by your reluctant nature of saying “Maybe tomorrow”. No you don’t have to feel ashamed or be guilty that you are not trying enough. This is because at least you are making an effort to think what’s important and what you should be doing. Losing weight by trying all sorts of nonsense things is terrible and must be avoided at all cost. The whole idea is to be holistic in approach to weight loss. You should remember that you should stay healthy and I mean “healthy” not “skinny” while dealing with weight loss.

Therefore here are the simplest tips to stay healthy and lose a little extra ounce of weight which is bothering you.

  1. Just a glass of water


The first easiest thing is to drink water but you should be careful at when and how much to drink. This not only helps you to detoxify your body but indeed is useful in losing weight. Thus “Just a glass of water” right in the morning in empty stomach and half an hour before and after every meal. The thing which is to be understood is not to drink water immediately before or after eating snacks etc. It is also very important to acknowledge the fact that eating nothing but only drinking water may turn very harmful. Therefore a balance diet is required.

  1. Doing a bit of walk


Walking is a very beautiful habit to improve your cardiovascular system as well as decreasing your weight. Just remember to walk a bit. If possible in the morning while grabbing a newspaper stand up and flip the pages and just walk around. If possible go for a walk in the morning or in the evening. The main thing is to leave the chair or the bed. Just find time and start walking.

  1. No serious exhausting exercise


The word “Exercise” may give stomach cramps to many of us. But to lose weight and staying fit the easiest exercise is breathe in and breathe out in fresh open air in the morning. A bit of jumping jacks and cycling with the back at rest position and legs upwards can sure be a lot of help.

  1. Food habits


It is often a difficult task to avoid and quit your favorite dishes and meals but what you can do is cut down its amount. Even if you are in habit of enjoying a full plate just order for a half plate the next time. The other necessary thing you can do is make a routine to eat your favorite dish once a week or once a month and the rest of the days go vegetarian (I mean go on a diet). Thus this way both your health and weight management will be side by side.

While weight loss and management is important in life it should also be prudent that staying healthy is also important. If one follows these simple ideas and methods one should remain healthy and happy with a positive attitude towards life.