Ultimate Guide to Colour Psychology [Infographic]


You can boost your brand’s image by using the right colours for packaging. For 93% people visuals are the most important thing when purchasing products. Right colour combination can increase brand recognition by 80%. In a survey it was found out that 85% of the consumers feel that colour is the primary factor when choosing packaging. When picking a colour for your packaging it is always important that you know about the colour psychology. Red colour is popularly used in food, entertainment and sports industry. In marketing, this colour can be used to create urgency. This colour is also used to convey confidence and energy.

Orange colour is popular used in food industry, children’s products and entertainment. This colour creates a call to action and can appeal to an upscale market. As we have discussed in the previous article that packaging also plays a vital role in marketing. With your packaging you can increase brand awareness. Visual representation always matters in the marketing industry. The infographic below created by Globe Packaging revolves around different colours used in packaging industry. With the help of this information, you can easily choose the right colour for packaging and it greatly influences the buying decision.

Green colour is the easiest colour eyes can process and it is popularly used in organic industry. Environment friendly products are always marketed in green packaging. This colour also communicates eco-consciousness. So by choosing this for your packaging, you can create an eco-friendly image of your company. Customers will more likely purchase the packaging materials that can be easily recycled after using. Blue colour is popularly used in finance, technology and healthcare sector. This colour communicates a message of reliability and trust. If you are in tech sector, you should use this colour for packaging.

Ultimate Guide to Colour Psychology

Author Bio: Mark Dawson writes about new trends in packaging industry and marketing tips small business can use to increase revenues. He is working at Globe Packaging as a Marketing Manager.