Train Your Brain


Our human brain is one of the most amazing organs in our body. It can manage so many tasks with such efficiency that sometimes it often makes me wonder what it would be like to live without it. Better still just imagine how wonderful it would be if you could actually train it for your advantage. Yes, we are talking about training your brain. Just like any other organ in our body, brain too needs some exercise to stay healthy and work at its best.

Basically a human brain consists of three parts: the fore brain, the mid-brain and the hind brain. Each of these parts has their own characteristic features and functions. The fore brain consists of left fore brain and right fore brain. The fore brain also called Cerebrum, one of the most important areas where all your thoughts are captured and from where you possess intellectual personality. The cerebellum is present in the hind brain and controls our muscular co-ordination. Hind brain also consists of Medulla Oblongata that supposedly controls all involuntary action like breathing.


Now our left and right brain too has different functions. For instance our left brain controls the right side of the body and the right brain controls the left. Research also shows that left brain helps in solving mathematical problems, logical questions, etc. while right brain helps in pattern recognition, creative art, etc. People who use right side of the brain are usually sad whereas people using left side of the brain are much happier. So, now we know that we all have a unique set of brain that actually works differently for different persons.

Here are few tips to use your brain better:

  1. Know what kind of learner you are i.e. you prefer your teacher to dictate the lesson or you want your teacher to explain it visually. If you are the former type then you are an auditory learner and if you prefer the latter than you are a visual. Know your preferences and excel.
  1. Know how you remember, different people have different methods of remembering a certain thing. Some of them do it in a rhythm, some need to stroll for a while and other might make up some story. Know your style and use it for optimum benefit.
  1. Try not to clog your brain by thinking about the past or future too much. Sometimes we do not remember certain things because we don’t leave any space for it to adjust. I mean, it’s really necessary for you to forget the past and live in present to actually make most use of your brain.
  1. While you study, encircle the words that are important with catchy colors, this actually helps your brain to focus on that particular encircled word.
  1. Lastly have a high carbohydrate diet in breakfast to avoid brain drain. This is because the glucose levels get depleted at night so it’s really necessary to maintain it for the best use of brain.


Remember, we all are unique in our own way. Find that key to your brain (the best way you can remember things) and unleash the endless power. Train your brain and use it for optimum results.