Tough Cleaning Tasks: After the Party


There’s nothing wrong with throwing a nice big party every now and then to gather friends and have a really good time, which can sometimes results in a lot of mess. Oh well, it’s okay to free yourself every once in a while. However, the trouble comes the next morning, when you wake up after the massive party and find out that the clean up will probably take you more time and energy than the party itself. And we’re talking about energy that you don’t really have at that very moment. There is no need to worry, everything can go back to its place more easily than you can imagine. It only takes organising your tasks properly to clean your entire place after the party and cope with the tough cleaning process much more quickly and effectively than ever. Here are our tips on how to make your place so clean that no one would believe dozens of people were partying there last night.


Collect Trash

The first thing you should do when cleaning your place after the party, is to get rid of all the garbage. All these empty bottles, cans, plastic cups and chips packings lying all over the place are creating a mess that looks worse than it actually is. Use a big trash bag to collect them and get rid of big part of the mess.


The next step is to collect all the cutlery and kitchen utensils you have used for the last night’s party. Bring all dirty plates, glasses to the kitchen and wash them. This step usually takes most of the time in the cleaning process. That’s why you should make sure you organise the tasks, so that you can complete them fast. If there are dirty utensils you have used to cook for the party, then start with them. Soak them in hot water and add a bit of detergent. Let the hot water break through the stains for a few minutes, while you take the time to place smaller items in the dishwasher.


The next thing you have to do is to clean the floor. Use either a broom or a vacuum machine to clean it and then mop the floor, using a special detergent, mixed in water. While you are doing this, open the window to let fresh air come inside. Otherwise, the bad smell that remains after the party mixes with the dust, comes up in the air when cleaning the floor, will make it very unpleasant to breath.

Dust Furniture

When you’ve completed cleaning the floor, proceed with the dust surfaces of the furniture using a special detergent. Clean the table and check if there are any wine stains or other tough stains that require more effort. In case there are stains on your fabric furniture, dissolve a washing detergent in hot water and apply it on a sponge. Place the dampened sponge on the affected area and keep it like this for a couple of minutes. The heat from the water will loosen the stain and make it easier to remove. In case you allowed your guests to smoke inside your home, then you might have to wash the curtains, because they usually absorb cigarette smell pretty fast. After washing them, hand them up to air-dry, so that the fabric doesn’t get wrinkles.

Last Touch

The last thing you should do is open the windows for a little longer, letting fresh air in. Make sure that all chair are at the right place and everything is in order. You can put fresh flowers in a vase on the table to add a nicely scented touch to the place.


Author Bio: As a manager of Full End of Tenancy Cleaning, Jack Sheamus has a lot of knowledge in cleaning methods and technologies.