Top 10 Travel Tips


Daily household chores, deadlines at offices, getting caught in traffic jams – everyone wants to escape from this monotony of life. Is there any better way of relaxing and enjoying time with your near and dear ones than going for a vacation? Traveling can relief stress and give you energy. It also refreshes your mind and soul.

However, traveling itself can be a stressful event if you are not prepared properly. Whether you are planning to travel within your own country or going abroad, it is absolutely necessary for you to plan things ahead so that you can enjoy a hassle free vacation with your loved ones.

Previously given few tips on hassle free traveling. Now summing up them and adding few new tips so that one can take this as a reference at the eleventh hour.

Know about the weather: You should be aware of the weather of your travel destination. If it rains there, you need to carry an umbrella or a raincoat and appropriate clothes. Similarly woolen clothes are required for the cold places and light cotton dresses would be perfect for a beach vacation. Make sure to take clothes you are comfortable in. If you are uncomfortable wearing something you can’t enjoy the trip.


Packaging: Make a list of things you will require while traveling. Follow this list when you do packaging. Place things in such a way that you won’t face any difficulty to find it. Don’t put everything in the same pocket. Try to give space between clothes, toiletries, woolens, towels, dry foods and so on. If anything comes in your mind take it immediately or else you may forget them to take later.

Vaccination: Ask your travel agent whether any vaccination is required for visiting the destination you have decided. For example some African countries won’t let you in if you have not taken vaccination for malaria.

Travel with First Aid Kit: Always try to take important medicines like paracetamol, pain killer and saline water with you while travelling.

Baggage: Try to take a trolley with you because these are excellent. You don’t have to carry but drag them around wherever you go. Try not to take excessive luggages with you.

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Chargers: Don’t forget to take mobile chargers, camera chargers, etc. with you because you might not get any of these in tour.

Insurance: Many people don’t understand the significance of travel insurance, but it is extremely important especially when you are going abroad.

Documents: Carry your documents including insurance, visa and passport in a separate bag. You might also keep your medicines, cash, cards and camera in the same. Make sure you carry this bag with you all the time.

Entertainment items: Do not forget to take books, mp3 player with you. You could sometimes easily avoid being bored by these.

Food: Take snacks with you wherever you go.