Tips to Look Stunning on Valentine’s Day [Infographic]


Is there anyone who doesn’t love that perfect shape which adds a completely new dimension to your personality? But unluckily, we are not always blessed with a good figure and no matter how much we exercise or manage our eating habits, perhaps we never get that slim and trim body of our dreams. Indian women, with their great traditions and prosperous heritage, are naturally gorgeous. Yet there are times when you are still cheerless about the reality that you look chubby in Indian clothes. Here are the top 13 tips on how to select and put on Indian outfits to appear slimmer:

  1. It is essential that you know the type of outfit which fits your body in the ideal way.
  1. If you are a top-heavy woman, do not put on clothes that stick to your top portions.
  1. If you have a weighty top, keep away from embellishments near the neckline.
  1. If you have a heavy bottom, stay away from the same near your hips. In fact, churidaars would be a good choice for you instead of those huge patialas.
  1. If you have bulky hips, select the outfit which will hide them.
  1. Your kurtis must cover up your hips correctly and make sure that instead of flaring towards the base, your kurti should present a narrower look.
  1. Monochromatic Indian clothes make you appear tall and less bulky.
  1. Go for lesser prints if you adore printed clothing materials.
  1. If you nurture an undisclosed love for stripes, choose vertical ones.
  1. Fine silk sarees make you appear slimmer than heavy silk sarees. Skillfully embroidered and sequined sarees also provide a slim look to you.
  1. Tie your hair in a high bun or a high pony tail. Any type of curly hair style adds volume to your bust as well!
  1. Choose heels! High heels look very good with Indian clothes and at the same time, make you appear taller and consequently, less fat!
  1. Go for long earrings and long sleek chains with attractive pendants. This will not only highlight your looks but will also make you appear slim.

Apart from above mentioned do’s and don’ts, there are a few extra things which you should consider while you put on Indian dresses. For example, keep your pose right. Stick your belly in so that it doesn’t bulge out a bit too much. Wear a blouse with the correct fitting and cut. For instance, you wouldn’t want a mountain of flesh to protrude out at your back by wearing a backless choli! If you want a specific body part to be secret, never wear glitters and shimmers there. Avoid any flashing beards on that part of your lehenga or kurti.

With these easy tips, you can truly stand out in the crowd, tall and slim, dazzling and beautifully traditional!

Stunning Dresses for Valentine's Day


Author Bio: Daisy is a fashion blogger from London. Currently she is working as a Marketing Manager at MissteeQ Online, an online store for Indian ethnic wear, salwar suits and anarkali suits.