Tips for a pleasing Personality


Personality is something that each one of us has. Every individual has a distinguishing character that makes him/her unique. Everyone has their own tastes, preferences, likes and dislikes. Some like to dress up in bright gaudy colors while some like to dress up in dull ones, some carry a bold attitude while others keep it subtle, some are talkative while some are quiet. All these characteristics that we possess starting from the way we talk, our dressing style, the attitude that we carry helps in building our identity that is known as personality. We identify each other from the personality each one of us carries and accordingly we have certain perceptions about everyone we know. Building a good personality is very important because we are often judged by the personality we bear. For instance, in a job interview, the interviewers are skilled enough to understand the psyche of the interviewee from the way he enters the room or the way he introduces himself. There are many such instances where we will actually be judged by the personality we carry. Here are some easy tips to develop a pleasing personality:


Be yourself: Often in life we tend to overlook our desires in the race to make a position for ourselves. You can please a friend or even your boss by trying to be someone else, but that would only be temporary. If you really want to make a place for yourself in everyone’s heart, then you’ve got to be yourself. Artificiality is only temporary but if you try to be natural then you’ll definitely win over everyone in the longer run.

Always carry a smile: There is an old proverb by the great Charlie Chaplin which goes thus, “You’ll find that life is still worthwhile, if you just smile”. No one in this entire world can get ever away with tensions and worries but if you smile at every person you meet, you’ll also get one in return and you’ll feel a sense of happiness deep within. Smiling at your colleagues no matter how hectic your day was, smiling at the guard who greets you every day, smiling at your maid who works so hard for you are few things to do that will contribute in maintaining a scintillating personality.

Say goodbye to your ego: Relationships with your family, friends, teachers or colleagues are meant to add more meaning to your life. So don’t ever let your ego come in between. Apologize if you think you’ve hurt someone and forgive if someone says sorry. Superiority complex is an enemy to your personality and being down to earth is definitely an asset.


Keep a positive attitude: The best trick to lead a happy and successful life is to go by the line, “Everything happens for a reason and the reason is always good”. Don’t let small tensions hamper your days. Always think positive, for every problem has a solution so try to think of a solution rather than grumbling over petty issues. A positive attitude towards life is the key to a pleasant personality.

Acceptance: No one in this world is perfect. Each one of have certain flaws. Some are short, some have a dark complexion, some are too thin or some are too fat but we must not forget that each one of us is blessed with unique talents that are different from each other. So we must accept ourselves first with whatever imperfections we have and then, we will automatically be able to accept others with theirs.


Do what you love: This the easiest thing to do that will add up to your personality. Doing things in your own comfort zone will give you fruitful results rather than doing something under compulsion. Do anything that makes you happy and never do something forcefully. Never sacrifice your ideas, hobbies or your plans for someone else until and unless it is worth it. You know what you are best at, so do what you love and you will experience real peace within which will in turn help you build a sparkling personality.