The Unacceptable Truth behind a Broken Bond


MARRIAGE is a sacred bonding between two people, two hearts and in fact between two families. It’s the most purest and divine relationship between a man and a woman. Society doesn’t accept any kind of other relationship between a male and a female other than that of marriage. But what if the two souls are not at all happy with their bonding, with their so called relationship forced by their parents? It is often said that Marriages are made in Heaven. If it is so, why divorce happens?

Most of the people say that marriages are only possible between people of same caste and standards. But mostly when we are bound to follow this motto against our own wish we are definitely not at all happy, resulting in broken bond and broken hearts. But do anybody cares?  Especially for a girl, after getting married, she has to go to her husband’s home and for guys, wife is their responsibility. But if we look at it closely, it’s just a burden for both of them which they have to bear rest of their life.

One should really think about how could be the life if it would be so dull? How one feels when they are forced to marry the person whom he/she doesn’t even know and when their views were not even asked about the person to whom they are going to marry. If, in case, we are single then arranged marriage is easy to carry out. But what if we already had given our heart to someone else? And if the person tries to speak about this to his or her parents, 99% of them hear almost the same statement ‘leave our home, get marry and never show your face again’ or even this too ‘I will kill myself if you marry to that girl or a boy’. After listening to these sweet words or statement a person either gets married to their parent’s choice or some even commit suicide.


We agree that our parents are not our enemies and they want the best for us but they are human and no human being is perfect. Mistake often happens but do they really realize that. Sometimes they force us to do something which leads us to pain for the entire life as nothing would be more suffocating than spending our entire life with someone and dedicating our love to someone else.

We are not against our parents but we are mainly against the society which had created these caste, creed, and religion. Because of these many people are still facing problems. People and their orthodox belief often results to something like that of Haryana case where a father kills his daughter just because she married to a guy of her own choice and when the reason was asked, he said, ‘I did for my family honor’.

Talking about or discussing may result in a huge difference. If parents or guardians discuss regarding this before marriage to their daughter or son and conclude after taking their views could make this bond better. It’s not that our choice is always perfect for us, it sometimes might be wrong too. But a support and right decision in right time should be needed to lead a good life ahead.

A perfect marriage is that when the couple should show their love to each other from the bottom of their heart and not just as a show off and only then we can say marriage is made in heaven.