The Role of Sports in the Mainstream Education


School days are the most fundamental part of everyone’s life. It is the period when we all are engaged in learning. Learning does not only deals with academics, but it is such a thing which starts from the first breathe of people and stops with the last breathe. There is a tendency that we relate the child education with the academics only. But this is not the fact. A proper learning includes everything, the total development of the brain. Like if we talk about that what is the role of having a sports class in school colleges, everyone is not going to be an athletic in life, or everyone is not getting the chances in Olympics. Then what is the use of keeping the sports classes compulsory?

There are many advantages of having a sports activity in school & colleges. Yes definitely it encourages the sport talent and with that many other things too. Sports classes keeps the student active, helps a lot in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It is a recreation for the students and for this they can concentrate more on their studies.

It is seen that the active children became healthy adults. The intra and inter sports competitions like rugby, soccer, cricket, hockey all kinds of games teaches the individual the importance of team spirit. Many parents do not allow their children’s to take part in the sports activities and that is mainly due to the fear of the safety issues. The school authority must convince the parent’s side to encourage the students. In many cases it is seen that the school authorities are not able to provide the required infrastructure. In this situation the school authorities should talk to the state’s higher authorities to tackle the problem.

The presence of sports schedule teaches the young’s about discipline. Keep them healthy and active and as a result they are more positive about the life and its challenges. Physical activities are the key of a healthy life. The inclusion of sport is also compulsory because the urban children do not have outdoor playing options. They have to be limited within the four walls. So the school should involve in the outdoor games.

This post is just an appeal for the schools who are delaying to include the sports period in their curriculum and also to those parents who are not allowing their children to participate in the sports and games classes that they are no one to suppress talents from our young generation and keep them devoid of a healthy and active lifestyles.


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