The Effects of Stress in our Life


Stress generally exists in everyone’s life to some extent. It could be related to work, personal, family or even relationship concern which makes one emotionally go down. Prolonged stress or worrying frequently has direct bearing on one’s health. Stress management counseling does help people cope with difficult situations and emerge out from them better. What one needs to know or understand is that these mental depression lead to health concerns in the long run. Here, in this article, we are going to look into how stress affects one’s health.

How Stress Affect one’s Body?

Nowadays, stress has become a part of our lives. Believe it or not it is not just our mind but also our body too which generally reacts to stressful situations. How we react to certain events of life- mentally, emotionally, and physically- determines the stress level. The level at which it affects determines our overall health and well-being. Stress, mind and body are closely interrelated.

Stress Man

Thinking and Worrying

Stress is directly related to one’s physical problems. There are numerous research and studies which have proven that stress causes migraines, headaches, and mental as well as physical fatigue. When we get stress, our blood pressure goes beyond the normal rates causing overall weakness in our body and mind. Too much worrying or prolonged thinking of certain events in life leads to headache in the long run, which in turn could affect one’s day-to-day activities.

Stress and Sleep

It might be surprising but it’s true that stress and sleep are closely interconnected. When we get depressed about something, it generally happens that we may not have enough sleep on that particular day. As a result, we generally got awake throughout the night ending up being sleepless. If we go on living like this sort of lifestyle, it is really high time to think about it. Studies show people deprived of sleep tends to have an overall low productivity. Besides, they also find it difficult to perform their day-to-day activities.

Heart-related Disease

Another major problem associated with stress is one’s inability to concentrate. People who always get stress tends to become irritable/anger quite often, which directly affects one’s blood pressure rates and causes heart diseases.

Stress and Pregnancy

Do you think stress and pregnancy are related? The answer is yes! Well, this could be surprising to many of us. Women who are emotionally depressed face difficulties in conceiving. Stress which directly affects women’s body as well as their mind also has got negative impact on their reproductive system. The result, delayed pregnancy or complications in conceiving itself.


Whatever kind of stress or depression we have or get, in the long run; it could ruin our body as well as our mind. Knowing the root cause and approaching the problem with practical solutions would only help us recover from it completely. Yet, on the other side, there are issues in life, which cannot be completely taken out; however, we should learn to live with it and try to keep stress far away from us through different relaxation techniques.


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