The Best 9 Advantages of playing Sports


The easiest way to stay fit and healthy is to intrigue oneself into any kind of sport. In today’s generation we are surrounded with gadgets all around, this certainly hinders us from indulging into physical activity. The other thing that we tend to ignore is physical activity which has a great impact in our daily life. Sports usually start as a personal hobby but it can also lead to success and fame. It not only renders a good physical and mental health but is a boost for one’s career.

If your body and mind needs a new direction, needs to be calm and cool and is reaching out for discarding frustrations, this is certainly what you desire right now. Following are the best benefits for indulging into any kind of sports.

play sports

  1. Maintaining body weight – This generation is sabotaged with fast food. We choose it even though we are reluctant about it. We are not unknown of the cause and effect of such diets. The increasing number of sickness and obesity is welcomed in our body because of fast food. The body weight increases, sure to occur, can be overdone by getting involved into sports demanding physical exercises so as to control the body weight.
  1. Controls heart disease – Heart being the most important organ in our body, it is our utmost responsibility to protect it. Heart attacks have become very frequent these days in our society. The best way to prevent such diseases is to play sports. When a body is in exercised mode, it requires a lot of energy and oxygen. While playing any kind of physical sports, the heart beat increases rapidly. This helps in burning out the fats present in the arteries which clog. Thus sports are a really good way to avoid heart diseases.
  1. Provides flexibility and strength – A flexible body incorporating movement of joints and limbs are very necessary to maintain a good health. When a body becomes inflexible due to lack of physical activity lot of stiffness arises in the body parts which causes a lot of problem. The body starts becoming flexible when one’s body starts warming up playing sports.
  1. Strength to the mind and soul – Sports is the best way to achieve concentration and muscular strength. When a person starts focusing in the kind of sport he is interested in, he actually develops a habit of concentration, this leads to an open mind with peace and happiness.
  1. Eradicates stress – Our life is very stressful. Every second demands a rigorous thinking, generation of ideas, tough competition etc. Playing sports releases all such negative things. One feels light and happy when one is involved in playing one’s favourite sport. This greatly helps us to achieve a stress free, fun loving and enjoyable life.
  1. Promotes self confidence – Self confidence is a necessity in our life. When one sees oneself learning something new, moving fast and practicing new skills a sense of self confidence naturally grows. This really helps to achieve one’s goal in one’s life.
  1. Boost your skills – Playing sports boost in developing one’s skills. It helps in developing team work and good abilities.
  1. Help from insomnia – Indulging into any kind of sports helps to improve sleep. As a matter of fact, we all know it is very important to have a good sleep since everyone has to shut down its system for few hours so that he/she can function well. When we involve into sports for few hours every day, we get fatigued and fall asleep faster.
  1. The power of being Alive – The feeling of winning or losing, the victory, the thrill, the fun etc. brings life into us. It instigates in us to be more diligent and determined. It helps us to live which are the most important thing and sadly we have forgotten to be alive.


Therefore my dear friends if this is what is missing from your life get up and start involving into any kind of sports. Be a free person and be alive.


About the Author:

Shardha Pakhrin is a Freelance Writer who uses to share her experiences by writing online blogs and articles.