Ten things to do before you go for a Vacation


Work stress, relationship problems, financial crisis, job dissatisfaction are some of the major issues that over powers one’s day to day life. Mental pressure and monotonous lifestyle certainly needs to be shown a red signal. Amidst such busy and hectic life, one needs an emotional recharge. If you are stuck in such wilderness of life, then a short vacation will definitely add meaning to your life. Start packing your luggage but wait! Here are ten important things that you need to take care of before going for a holiday:


1) Plan your budget

This is the most important and the first and the foremost point that needs to be considered before planning a trip. Your entire vacation starting right from your location to the category of hotel you will be staying in will depend upon your budget. Estimate the money you will have to spend for your hotel and also your travel expenses and make a list accordingly so that you at least get a vague picture of your total expenditure. So plan your vacation as per your budget.

vacation planning

2) Select a suitable location

Choosing a location completely depends upon one’s preferences and choices. Every individual has his/ her own priority when it comes to choosing an ideal location. Some may prefer to go to hill stations while others may opt for beaches. Select a place that is different from where you stay. If you want to break the monotony of your life, go for an unfamiliar destination which will no doubt calm your senses but will also make you forget about your worries for some time if not forever.

select vacation location

3) Choose your company

Now it is time to decide who you want to be accompanied with. Travelling with your best friend would be fun in exploring the new places and clicking pictures instead of going alone. Your favorite cousin with whom you get along with would be another good option. You can even plan out with your family. But if you are looking forward for some action, then the best would be to plan it out with your crazy bunch of friends. Hitting the pub in a completely different place or going for trekking would be much amusing with your own gang.

choosing vacation members

4) Check out the season

Weather is one such thing which will either ruin your entire vacation or will make it a truly memorable one. So it is very necessary to find out the best season to visit the place which you have chosen. Monsoons are bad for vacations. Summers are the best especially if you are planning a trip to the hills. If beating the scorching heat is a challenge for you in the summers, plan for a holiday in one of the hill stations and you will be assured of having an unforgettable stay.

5) Do a research on the internet

The internet has no doubt made life easier, now time to make use of it for planning your vacation. Browse the internet and do a thorough research on the places you can visit in your chosen location. Also find out about the hotels available. A number of websites feature customer feedback regarding the quality of hotels which will give you an idea and guide you. It is important to find out the transport facilities available for visiting the different places but not to worry, the solution is just at a click of your finger. You can get the entire information on the internet. All you need to do is, just take out some time and go through it.

vacation research

6) Schedule your holiday

After having done a research on the internet, it is now time for you to schedule your holiday according to the number of days you have in hand. Also take into account the total number of days required to reach the location that is if you are traveling through train or bus. Don’t waste time visiting similar places. On the contrary, try out different ones like amusement parks, historical sites, adventure spots or even religious places, for variety is the spice of life. Plan it in such a way that you have at least a day in hand when you are back so that you can take some time to carry on with your normal routine.

7) Book your air/train tickets before hand

Here is a chance to control your budget by booking your air ticket beforehand because it is much cheaper if you are able to book it as soon as possible. If you are planning to travel via train, then you will have to do your reservation even before because train tickets get sold off anytime.

8) Book your hotel

Now that you have already done a research on the internet about the availability of hotels, you can easily book one for yourself. Phone numbers are given on the websites so it easier. Booking a hotel before you leave is important because there is a chance of getting cheated specially by brokers if you try to get a hotel after reaching the destination. So have a hassle free trip by booking your hotel by a phone call or through the internet.

9) Prepare a list of things you need to carry

Identity proofs, medicines, passport if you are going abroad, important phone numbers should top your list. Apart from these, camera, clothing according to the number of days you will be staying, packet food, hygiene stuffs, and books for reading in your journey are other essential things you need to take with you.

vacation checklist

10) Relax and cross check things

Planning a vacation is always exciting but it is not yet over. Cross check everything like calling your hotel for the final confirmation, checking over the list of things you need to take and also checking the time of your flight or train. Now relax because you need some energy for your journey as well and wait patiently for the final countdown. Don’t forget to leave your worries and problems at home.

Vacations are always rejuvenating so enjoy every single moment of it. Pose, click pictures, and take pleasure in everything you do. Create the best memories because you never know when you’ll ever get a chance again. As soon as your vacation is over you’ll have to leave the place with a heavy heart but definitely refreshed and revived to continue with your daily life.


Author Bio: Pratistha Pradhan is an aspiring freelance blogger who feels writing comes to her naturally.