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Ten Necessary Things You Need to Know about Menopause


All women require understanding the importance of menopause in their lives. It’s a term that arrives in every life of a woman. The term which can at times be haunting and difficult to comply with the sudden changes coming with it. Thus it becomes very important to understand what is menopause and what are the changes associated with it.

  1. Menopause is the last phase in the menstrual cycle of a woman which starts at a very early age. The start of a menstrual cycle is usually at the age of 11 to 13 years. Well, the menstruation brings a lot of stomach cramps accompanied with change in physical and psychological forms. It takes a tough time for women to understand the nature of menstruation and adapt to it. Nonetheless the stoppage time also known as menopause is also quite challenging and is accompanied with great changes both physical and psychological. This occurs between 45 to 55 years in a woman though it may vary accordingly.
  1. A woman bears the agony of menstruation also popularly known as “chumps” only in the first half of her life. The Menopause is the next half of her life which she needs to deal with. Usually in a menstrual cycle there is some irregularity, meaning sometimes one month goes “off” without the menstrual cycle. This is seen quite normal but if the menstrual cycle is “off” for 1 year equivalent to 12 months then it is a direct indication of menopause.
  1. Menopause is a good news as well as bad news for women. Menopause gives a woman freedom to enjoy her life. No longer is she worried about her monthly cycle. The best thing is she need not care about being pregnant.

  1. The changes which are associated with menopause are Hot flashes at night. This can be really annoying because a woman can experience sudden warmth lasting few minutes and then sweating afterwards. This is also termed as night sweats. There are many ways to treat this change. Doctors suggest mostly Hormone Treatment.
  1. Mood swings are also a prime change seen in woman in their menopause. This is sometimes accompanied by headache. There is vaginal drying and a weight gain in women.
  1. The other change is a sudden sex drive in woman. Women tend to feel more sexual than before.
  1. Menstrual cycle is a process which releases the hormone estrogen. Estrogen is very important for it keeps the bad cholesterol at check. When the level of estrogen decreases in a woman that leads to heart attack and stroke.
  1. The other important function of estrogen is to keep the bone density at balance. The decrease in estrogen leads to decrease in bone density and osteoporosis.
  1. Therefore a healthy diet and a regular exercise can help in dealing with these inevitable changes and lead a healthy life.
  1. Sometimes menopause can occur before 40 years of age or late thirties in a woman. This is called pre-menopause. If a woman suffers a pre-menopause it is best suggested consulting a gynecologist.



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