Ten Important Tips for Practicing Yoga


The word Yoga comes from Sanskrit language which means ‘to add’ or ‘to connect’ or ‘to unite’. In Sanskrit, Yoga is a physical, psychological and divine practice or discipline. In this advanced world we all are in a hurry, everyone have their own problem and most of the times it happens that we are not able to solve those problems. We almost always feel restless and stressful. Thus practicing yoga is a best remedy for healing your stress and pain. By doing yoga you can be free from your tension which means a healthy life. Here we suggest you ten tips for doing yoga which is definitely beneficial for you.

  1. Create your own peaceful space – Find a peaceful place for doing yoga; prefer a natural place like park or near a lake surrounded with trees which connects you directly to nature. A peaceful yoga will enhance your concentration. If natural places are not available you can do your yoga inside the room. First, you must make your room peaceful, take out the excess goods from your room and open the windows to let the fresh air in. On top of that you can also add some good quality incense sticks for making a peaceful atmosphere for doing yoga.


  1. Yoga accessories and clothes – You don’t need expensive clothes for doing yoga, wear simple clothes which you are comfortable with. I personally prefer wearing cotton clothes for doing yoga which is naturally good for letting the air pass through the clothes. You also need a yoga mat for doing yoga which you can purchase easily from the market. Henceforth you can easily start doing yoga and get rid of the stress.
  1. Timing and discipline – You should choose correct timing for doing yoga and be disciplined with the set goal. The best timing for doing yoga is morning. Usually in the morning, you can breathe fresh air and get lot of oxygen. In the beginning, you should practice for five minutes then afterwards you can increase your time from ten to twenty minutes. Practice yoga every day no matter how hectic your schedule is. After some time, you will start enjoying it.
  1. Choose the correct type of yoga – You should choose only that type of yoga which is beneficial and best for you i.e. simple style of yoga which is easy to workout. There are so many forms of yoga which you can do easily. You can choose any one form and if you don’t like you can obviously choose another. After choosing the correct yoga, practice it regularly and you will start enjoying it which will yield a positive result.


  1. Enjoy your yoga – Whenever you practice yoga try to enjoy, don’t think it as a burden for you. The main philosophy of practicing yoga is to live right here and right now, so do yoga and don’t think negative. Enjoy your yoga every minute and doing it will make you realize how effective and good it is.
  1. Careful and stay safe – When you practice yoga, you should stay away from harming or injuring yourself. Be careful if you are practicing strong form of yoga; don’t take the easy way out. Never cross the limits which can cause injury to your body. When you practice yoga and feel a sudden pain, stop it right there.
  1. Research of yoga – Before doing yoga do a little research about it. It helps you to know about yoga and gives lot of information. If you do not find any yoga teacher in your area, you can invest or buy some yoga books for your information which will guide you.
  1. Be constant with yoga – Practicing yoga on a daily basis is great for all, especially beginners. Always be honest with yourself and set a goal. Be consistent on your yoga practice and don’t fail.
  1. Get instruction – Once you find the correct form of yoga, go for yoga classes where you can get correct instructions. There you can develop your yoga skills personally. There are huge numbers of websites for yoga. Youtube is an outstanding site for searching yoga instructions or you can simply search for Baba Ramdev’s yoga.


  1. Meditate – The purpose of yoga is to support meditation in your practice. Always take out sometime after yoga for meditation and relax. You can try one form i.e. sitting straight and breathing deeply in and out. While doing that form, recite ‘Om’ as long as you can.

Almost all of us have forgotten how to breathe. Yoga will teach us that, we should never give up and try to be calm as much as we can. Positive thoughts and positive attitude is important. Once we start believing good, positive things starts to happen. Keep doing yoga, take full advantage and stay stress free, disease free and enjoy every moment of life because life is so precious and hence don’t waste it.