Ten Aspects you should know before Buying a Car


A CAR is not just a CAR but is a dream, hobby, fascination, attraction and happiness in everyone’s life. Everybody dreams of purchasing his/her own car. The feeling of owning one is just too awesome and irresistible. A family car is often the best part in anybody’s life. We all have a part of that etched in our mind. But purchasing a car is often an exciting though tiresome job. The color does not say all about the car in fact it tells nothing. In order to buy a car one should be very wise in his/her decision and check the pros and cons.

Here are some good tips to see the initials required before purchasing a car.


  1. It depends what kind of car you need. Whether you want it for your home or to run a business, you should be very specific. According to such requisite, choose a car which is beneficial to you in every respect.
  1. If you have enough money, there is no need of issuing loan from other sources. If you are falling short of money, please do not take private loan with heavy interest since the government gives low interest car loans. Gather as much as information about these banks, their schemes and their requirements. If possible go through their brochure plans and then take your step.
  1. The internet is of great assistance to collect your desired information. You just have to visit different car websites and acquaint yourself with all the information you can receive. This involves a bit of mental hard work but it`s your car after all so why not walk an extra mile.
  1. Then the most important thing is to have a garage before buying a car. The garage will protect the car from all sorts of mishandling and damages which might occur due to every other thing happening in this world. This means accidents, weather, bad guys who vandalize others properties and stuffs etc.
  1. A well planned insurance for the car needs to be done. There are again many private and government schemes which facilitate car insurance. You can choose the best one for your car and once you have issued it please be careful to renew it at the prescribed date and time. This will not only keep you tension free but it will also cover all sorts of expenses if unfortunately some mishaps occur.
  1. The Blue Book is the Holy Grail of the car. Always be clever enough to get your hands on this Blue Book. It will contain everything about the car you are buying. The blue book of the car should be kept with great care and never be lost.
  1. After all the trouble, when you finally own your car and become its master sometimes you may encounter few problems in your car. It is best suggested to go and talk to the dealer for the repair and not the sales man.
  1. A written document is always enclosed along with the car you have purchased. If you don’t find these documents it means you are cheated. Therefore always keep your eyes and ears open and talk about transaction once you receive the written documents and the car. People are often looted by fraud people who keep them in darkness.
  1. The next thing is the price, i.e. you should be aware of the price before hand. Don’t haste and be blinded by the dealer or the sales man. You should be able to negotiate the price very well. Do not go beyond which may not be admired and required just because you like the car.
  1. The papers of the car must be indeed verified very well by someone who knows such business or lawyers. If there are some unwanted and unnecessary fees taken, you should file a complaint or can speak with the dealer.


Everybody’s car is their dream car. We should preserve it not only in our dreams but in reality too.