Technology, which is making everyone’s Life Easy


Today, the world is composed of what called technology. Technology is the term well defined with various levels of comfort in human life whether it is infrastructure, science, art, Philosophy you can talk it daily unnoticed, you can see it unseen but you can feel it any time anyway. Technology has made our life more valuable & more meaningful. To define technology is beyond the words, but we could define it in terms of sectors where it fulfilled our life with time management & vast development.

It has shortened the path of development. Today we have reached Mars, could know about happening at light years ahead. We could ask ourselves more reasonable who we are what our future is, where this world can go to or beyond that we can save the life. This technology is along with poor to rich, child to adult everyone is affected with it in a positive way.


One such aspect we could touch at this moment is communication technology. Today no one is unfamiliar with terms like email, instant messages, electronic media, satellites, mobile, telephone. These all somewhere connected with us in our daily life & we use these channels so frequently that life could not be imagine without these mediums. It will be so ordinary when we say that today one can talk sitting miles away if compared to ancient age. Undoubtedly, it has opened new venues of development as it maximized the efforts & minimized the time duration. But this will be more relevant to talk about the future of technology.

What shape it could take in coming future, what kind of benefits it can provide to human life. It is the more realistic question. So what a device called mobile could do for us in coming 50 or 100 years? We are benefited from GPS like devices already which don’t let us lost anywhere in the world.


Let us imagine about combining science with technology that a mobile can do a blood test instantly for which we have to go to a diagnostic center spending our time & money or a mobile simply work as a thermometer. Imagine we just put the mobile over a recipe & it gave us the complete information of calorific value contents. Actually we can take a lot of future examples & all could be possible because technology has no end like our imagination. It can create whatever we imagine but it is the only matter of time.

Technology should be accessible by every human being but on ground realities, it is readily available in developed country unlike under developed or developing countries. In our country itself, there are a number of villages which are still waiting to get their life transformed by technology. Here one point is necessary to make that until & unless our villages are away from technology, our country could not be developed wholly & heart fully.

technology in life

Thanks to the government, which is making genuine efforts as much as it could make or at least seemingly wilful to transform our villages by providing the internet & other channels of communication, we can hope that very soon there will be equal growth patter throughout the country & we can proud fully stand along the community of such countries.

Actually, technology is inherent in our DNA. If we can imagine, we can invent & invention is itself technology.