Some useful Fashion tips for this Monsoon


Rainy season comes once a year and makes things very difficult especially for the office goers and the school going kids who have to travel regularly. Though the thought of sipping a hot cup of tea sitting lazily at your veranda watching the rainfall is mesmerizing, rainy season affects your normal life as you cannot think of stepping out without an umbrella and even if you forget to carry one, the chance of getting drenched in the rain is more. But the bottom line is that rainy season is inevitable and it is better to cope up rather complain about it. Monsoon cab be fun if you hit the streets with the right kind of attires.

You can turn the gloomy pouring days into a pleasant one by following the tips given below:

  • Umbrellas can be your fashion asset:

It sounds pretty unusual but you can create a style statement this monsoon by trying out different types of umbrellas. There are a variety of umbrellas available in the market ranging from the cool transparent ones to polka dotted ones, those in bright neon shades to those with funky prints. Not only in color and print, umbrellas are available in various sizes as well. You can carry one according to your choice and of course which matches with your dressing style. So flaunt your favorite umbrella this rainy season and stay protected from the rain at the same time.


  • Try out trendy hairstyles

Your hair becomes often messy and unmanageable when it gets wet during the rainy days and one of the reasons of catching cold can be this. Leaving your hair open is not at all advisable as frequent wetting of your hair can damage the hair quality and getting dandruff is very common in this season which further results in hair fall. So avoid all the hassles by tying your hair neatly. You can tie your hair into different styles like ponytail, buns, fishtail braid, braided crown and many other cool ones which will make you look trendy and at the same time will also save you from the mess.



  • Dress up sensibly:

Say a big “no” to light colored apparels especially white ones as they might get spoiled. It is better to wear dark colored ones as mud stains are not easily visible in them. It is also important to dress up in the right kind of fabric in the monsoons. Light fabric like cotton is more preferable rather than heavy ones like jeans for light fabrics dry up quickly unlike the heavy ones. One should avoid wearing fabrics that stick to the skin because of the rain which becomes very irritating.


  • Wear plastic shoes/sandals:

Avoid wearing heel or stilettos in the rainy season. It is better to wear comfortable ones. A wide range of plastic shoes and sandals are available that too in trendy styles and designs. Shoes that come in other materials are not waterproof and they don’t dry up easily. Plastic shoes and sandals are not only comfortable but they dry up easily as well. So get ready to set a trend this monsoon with your plastic shoes or sandals which come in different shades and styles.


  • Use waterproof makeup:

Getting drenched up in the rain that too with your makeup half removed can be an annoying situation. So challenge the monsoons by going out with water proof make up. A variety of waterproof makeup stuffs are available like eyeliner, eye shadow, foundation, mascara and even lipsticks. So you can definitely save your make up and your face for that matter until you get back home by using water proof make up in this rainy season.