Some Important Tips for a Good Parenting

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“There is no friendship, no love, like that of the parent for the child” – Henry Ward Beecher

Once a wise man asked a child what is the age of your mother and the child replied that his mother was just three years old. At first the wise man had tantalizing glimpses of shock on his face but later acknowledged himself with the fact that indeed the child was very much right in his answer. Nobody is born being a parent. If we think logically then a child’s age determines the age of his mother and father’s parenthood in their lives. A child’s birth is also the birth of a mother and father.

It is a daunting task to parent a child and more daunting than that is to become a good one. Nevertheless there are always some tips which can help to become a good parent.

Responsibility: A child demands great responsibility from both a mother and a father. To make one realize about the responsibilities of childcare is very important. One of the crucial things is, till the past generation it was always the mother who had to take care of the child. A father is equally responsible for the upbringing of a child.

Routine: Things should not be like before the arrival of a child. A daily routine should be strictly followed. Only a routine will help in managing all the task of a good parent.

Time: The next very essential thing is to have time for your child even if the child is in cradle or a toddler. Your presence is very important for the child. Try to spend as much time as possible. Even if it’s not possible make sure to at least take out some time.

Happy hours: This is the time when you indulge with your child socially having a fun time. I call it “Happy hours” because it gives happiness to both the parents and the child. This is the time where a parent can actually visualize the everyday growth and new activities of the child.

Do not scold or bribe: To forcefully make a child do things without explaining them the proper consequence often leads in inculcating inside the child a behavior of stubbornness. The same applies for bribing a child with sweets and chocolates to do things.

Do not hit: This is one of the most dangerous mistakes done by parents. Parents should always refrain from hitting a child.

Explanation required. Often parents scold children without explaining them thinking that they are just kids and need not understand. But this is very wrong. Children are in a stage of learning every day and need an explanation.

Learning from parents: It is very important for the parents to analyze their own behaviors and manners. This is because kids always imitate their parents. If there are elderly people like grandparents present in the house, the behavior of the parents towards their own parents leaves a great mark in the building process of a child.

Though it’s one of the most hectic jobs to parent a child but there is no reason to feel frustrated or become perplexed at the given situation. I think the most important gift of life is to have a child be it a girl or a boy and become a mother or a father regardless of the pain and irritation. The pain and irritation is worth or else we ourselves would have never been born.



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