Should all the Mistakes we do be always considered as wrong?


Everyone make mistakes, no matter how perfect we think we all are. Even most of the times most of the people don’t even notice lot of mistakes what we do and might be that’s the reason why we don’t learn anything from it. Some of the mistakes we all make are minor and no one really cares about them until it really affect them. But sometimes it might happen that without being warned by anybody few people do few mistakes which are really serious and could harm others in many ways and which couldn’t be regret and it could even sometimes result to severe punishment which we don’t really want.

Most of the times it happens that we regret people whom we care, we regret after telling something to them which seriously can hurt them as well as to others and even which can change the course of our lives. We usually used to regret after saying something which really is not needed, or even if sometimes we don’t have much words to express ourselves after saying those. Did you ever experience this? Perhaps we all have experience this to some extent.

The point I’m trying to make here is that everyone does mistake as because none of us is perfect and if that’s the only reason behind it then why do so many people try to be like that. Is it because they are scared of others who are much more superior to them or just because they want to let people down? Or is it because lot of people doesn’t want to admit that they did something wrong and hence don’t want to take the consequences.

The world is so big that if someone does mistake most of us even don’t care about that might just be because we don’t care of all these things. The world is changing day by day and along with it we also are changing. It’s true that we do make mistakes but if we are not warned by someone nor we feel that whatever we are doing is not good it is not so possible for us to learn lessons from our mistakes. But few people don’t see it like that as because most of us don’t want to live our life in fear and hence most of the times we are considered as Ignorant. We also used to experiment us with alcohol and drugs most of the times and used to take the consequences for it.


Sometimes even our generation is also been looked down by the people who don’t even know what it’s really like for growing up nowadays as there is so much pressure these days that we all instantly snap making some of the hasty decisions that nobody wants to see.

Parents, guardians or teachers constantly used to warn us when we are in school or college about the danger of drugs, underage sex and other such wrong things. But what about those who can’t feel well without doing these? Actually might be they don’t usually explain us in the way we would feel bad while experimenting it, as because, might be some of us take drugs because we want it and not because someone tell us to take it. Sex or even underage sex really bugs me on and I really feel about how apparently we need to get ourselves educated on it. But still if we’re wise enough to make that decision we can always use protection while doing it so that whom we really care, won’t suffer from it as because if a girl becomes pregnant at her early age, it is considered as bad in our society. Is it just because people think that a younger mother won’t take care of her child in the same way as that of a married mother? They can never get that chance nor will they ever be given the chance to prove themselves to others and say “I can do it, just the same as everyone else can do”. The elders should try to encourage youngsters to be matured enough and try to act as same in these situations but unfortunately they don’t even try to do that; might be because of they live in such a society where these things are not allowed or consider as bad. In most of the times, our elders try to scare them in these situations or even sometimes they throw them out of their house as if they are no one for them. Whether our mistakes are agreed by people of our society or not, we can always learn from it so that we can always try to get rid of those things and get always ready to move on.


The whole concept of exams and as a result of it even education system is getting tired up day by day, as because many people are being encouraged as well as many are being let down and that too not just by their parents but also by their teachers and also sometimes by themselves too. Most of the teachers always used to try and push us into their way of thinking by telling us ‘get good grades to give your teacher a good name’. We all try our best in exams but when we can’t succeed, we all feel miserable not only because of us but because we well know we are going to be ridiculed in the school. Not everyone is meant to be a rocket scientist, nor everyone wants to have a job for them as because few people want to lead their life in their own way or few of them want to do different things, but the fact is there’s no room for individuality as far as life is concerned in our society. When exams are nearby, most of us panic about what we have to revise. It’s also true that no one of us is perfect to remember everything every time. If that is true, why do they expect all these from us? Yet we know that they always think good of us and try to make us as good as possible but still it’s true that all of us are not same.

Honestly all I can say is that I’m pretty sure that I don’t want to grow up just because of the fact that we all are children for maximum sixteen years, yet few of them don’t even get so much time for it too, and the rest of our lives we got to live just for fulfilling others expectations.


All throughout the life we do and experience mistakes; even some of the mistakes which I did are sometimes different than that of what my friends used to do. But is it always true that whatever we do, if it is not accepted by our elders or society will be considered as mistakes, except few of them. Is it really bad if we want to build our life the way we want it to be? To me and I hope to most of us it’s not bad at all, but still we sometimes get scared because there are few people in our society who don’t really want to accept that and will always say it as wrong.

There’s a brighter side in everyone’s life, which people often forget and pretend that it isn’t in them so that they can complain about every little thing which they see or hear which they don’t want to accept. We might not be able to change the world or the society but we can surely change our life just by making proper and correct decisions as well as learning from the mistakes what we do.