Room Decoration by Mixing Traditional and Modern Furniture


Most of us or shall i say everyone like and want their furniture to be of modern style. But sometimes we feel that traditional ones are the best we can opt for. But what if we want to customize both?

Sometimes the basic generalize eclectic decorating encourages us to blend traditional and contemporary furniture so that we can create personal balance that can bring our home to life. The key to creating this style depends on choosing the furniture pieces from different eras. This enhances the best features of each other.

But to do this mix and match we have to have a clear concept and idea of what we want to do. There are few ideas about how we can combine both types of fashion in our room. Let us check the ways to combine traditional and contemporary furniture so that it would indeed make our home a place to live in.


Empty your room:

Remove all your furniture from the room you want to decorate. Do not just move the furniture around but try to vacate the room completely so that you can have a clear idea about the total space in your room.

Determining the furniture design:

Decide which furniture style goes best with your home décor. For instance, purchase 19th century four-poster bed and translucent acrylic painted benches for your master bedroom. Install in your living room a narrow, powdery-blue velvet lounge and steel-hammered bookshelves. These items are really important for your room design.

Balancing home décor:

You must make sure to balance your room with furniture and flooring. To match your bedroom with a four-poster bed and velvet couch, you need to put wallpaper with modern neutral paint color on your wall. Use chalk grey wallpaper to get the antique look you want. On the other hand, you can leave the wallpaper alone, take away the flooring, and cover it with poured concrete so that to draw the attention towards the acrylic furniture piece only.

Installing additional furniture:

Additional furniture also plays an important part in home décor. Adding additional furniture to the living room will enhance the entire home appearance. To do this, you can put a cleaned line contemporary accent chairs and pendant lamps made up of antique birdcages in your living room. These two will be well balanced with your velvet couch and steel bookshelves.


Installing accessories:

Curtains are indeed very important for decorating a room. The length of a curtain can change the entire look of any room. Hang on windows long curtains. Put on your wall arts and mirrors simultaneously. You can add beautiful lightings too. Forget not to balance them.

These are few ways to blend modern and traditional furniture to put special effects in your room making it worth to live in.