Python Vs Ruby: Which is good?


Both Python and Ruby are a language, which based on programming language and has variety of work in it. Both are new generation of programming which are dynamic in the work and object oriented program with strong support. In other language, one miss point can make a hurdle for the whole programming. Neither of any language, who help the developer to do the work fast without missing the point of semi colon or closing curly brace nor any language help the developer to solve the problem from online solution at very fast.

These languages have good phases, which make them interactive and both have a collection of core concept, which makes the both programming language more powerful and fast work in the industry. Both the language are used for a wide development of web application and both are in knowledge. There are also some similarities and some differences between the Python and the Ruby. To know which programming language is better from other, we have to know both The Python and The Ruby language with the brief knowledge of them.

The Ruby –

Ruby lang
• Ruby was discovered by a Japanese computer scientist Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto. It is a programming language.
• It is developed in such a way that it is friendly for the programmers.
• The idea behind developing Ruby was that in comparison to run on a computer the programming language should be such that it may help the programmer to develop the program smoothly.
• In this language everything like classes etc. are treated as object. This includes the language of all the previous programming languages.
• It helps a lot to the programmer in both procedural and functional program.
• There are many developers, who use this language to develop new programs. Ruby is an open source program and it has been used to develop the popular websites- twitter and Groupon.

The Python –

• Python is also a programming language which has a high level of programming.
• It is developed multi level of programming which is object oriented program, functional programming, Structured programming and it is also aspect oriented programming for others.
• It was developed in 80’s and came to popularity in twenty first century.
• It is one of the best languages to work all domains like develop desktop software, even make games for smart phones.

The aim of Ruby is that there is many ways to do the things but aim of Python is that there is only one in all. Code of Python is easy to understand and also it is easy for beginners. Python has wide variety of its libraries, which offers many work like functional, diverse or user interface as-connectivity with the database, networking or communication, automation, multimedia, web framework. So in a short, it has most of the area where it can help the developers.

As per the research, it comes to know that Python was in the eighth position while Ruby was the fifteenth position on the top eight languages in 2008. So it is clear that Python is more popular language than Ruby.