Placement of Household Items According to Vastu Shastra

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Whether we believe it or not, there are things that are beyond our understanding. Such things may be scientifically unproven but they sometimes disrupt the normal flow of life – for better or for worse.

The art of placing appliances at home for better energy channelization is not scientifically verifiable, but if you are one of those people who take anecdotal evidence seriously, this art can benefit you. The Chinese called it Feng Shui. Indians called it Vastu Shastra.

Today, we’ll discuss Vastu Shastra and what it says about interior designing and about placing appliances and furniture at home.

Where to keep Refrigerator 

Let’s start with refrigerator – a must-have appliance at every home. It’s ideal placement? According to vastu experts, it is the south-west corner. If some other appliance is already placed there, then west or north-west. The north-east corner is a strict no. Also, there should be a considerable gap between the refrigerator and the wall.

Where to keep mirrors 

Mirrors have always been associated with magic and supernatural. So you want to be careful with their placement. Vastu experts advise not to place a mirror on the opposite side of the bed. It’s a bad omen that increases the amount of negative energy at home.

Incorrect placement of the mirror could result in negative energy being reflected away. If the mirror is facing the east or north direction, wrong type of energy will enter the house. If it’s a hanging mirror, hang it on the north of east wall. Never hang it on the south wall.

Where to keep wardrobe 

If you make a list of necessary furniture, wardrobe would be probably be on the top. As stated in Vastu Shastra, the south-west direction is most optimized for placing wardrobe. The doors of the wardrobe should face the north or east direction.

Vastu recommendations are not restricted to placement. They apply to coloring and contour as well. Light colors are ideal for the wardrobe. Bedroom wardrobes should be made of wood.

Where to place bed 

Bed is perhaps the most indispensible furniture. A lot depends on the placement of bed. It should be placed in a head-facing-south manner. Southwest position is ideal. The bedroom shouldn’t be in any of the following directions:

North, north-east, south-east and east. If your bedroom is located in any of these directions, you’ll keep facing disharmony in the family, emotional turmoil and one after another financial loss. When lying, keep your head in south direction. It’s believed to be auspicious.

Where to place upholstery 

They are normally placed in the living room. If vastu shastra is to be taken seriously, south and west directions are suitable for keeping upholstery. Elders often sit on armchairs or divans. At the time of sitting, they should face south or west.

The shape of upholstery is also important. If you have a sofa or settee and it’s L-shaped, you’ll have multiple problems at home. If you are fond of L-shape furniture and want your settee to look like one, get two sofa sets and place them in L manner.

Dining table ideal placement 

If you have a large and spacious kitchen, place the dining table in the north-west side. In many households, dining tables are placed in the living room due to shortage of space. That’s alright according to vastu shastra. But even if you place the dining table in living room, don’t forget to place it in north-west.

The build and shape of the dining table are both important for vastu success. Ideally, the table should be made of solid wood and it should be either round or oval shaped. Light colors are preferred as dark colors is believed to invite negative energies.

Kitchen utensils placement 

Vastu shastra believes fire and water are two primordial and major forces in the universe. Both forces are active in the kitchen. The design of the kitchen is pivotal to balance out the two opposing forces. The stove top and the sink – one resembling fire, another water – should be away from one another, to make sure there’s no conflict between the energies.

The cooktop shouldn’t be near the window or the corner. Per vastu shastra, negative energies enter the house from the window and corner areas are where they often remain stored. Hence, keep the cooktop away from the corner and the window.

Bathroom furniture placement 

Vastu is not too fussy about bathroom furniture placement, may be because a bathroom is predominantly a place for water and water washes away negative energies.

One thing vastu recommends, keep the bathroom well-lighted and a perfect and well-functioning ventilation system. Shelves and cabinets in the bathroom should be made of wood, stone and ceramic. 

Summing up

When decorating your house or installing new furniture, keep vastu recommendations in mind. That being said, don’t overdo it, ever. It’s good to be informed and flexible when it comes to the matters of belief. But being superstitious is not.




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