Packaging Trends for 2017 [Infographic]


Packaging is very important in order to protect your goods when in transit. When moving house, you need high quality packaging materials to protect your valuable items. Packaging is also used for branding and it has become a popular marketing medium. If we look at the packaging trends of 2017, you will notice that packaging is on the rise in ecommerce sector. Eco friendly packaging is the trend now and customers want their packaging materials to be easily reusable and recyclable. Gone are the days when sturdy packaging was all we need to ship goods. Now, we have many options available when it comes to ecommerce packaging. Another interesting thing that is making the waves in the packaging sector is the demand for the compact packaging. Today, people want packaging that is compatible and fit to use.

If you want to cut the cost of packaging then you should switch to small packaging. Companies are also looking for other packaging materials that are cost effective. Apart from all these things, we have also noticed that product design is going to play a big role in 2017. Proper use of colors in packaging can influence the buying decisions of customers.

Creative packaging design is the new rule if you want to make it big in the packaging sector. Companies are working on latest designs to attract the new customers. Functional packaging is also in the trend and people like their packaging to have the functionality factor as well so that it can be used for many purposes.

Packaging industry is one of the fastest growing industries as packaging materials are used in almost every sector to protect the goods. The infographic below, created by Globe Packaging, revolves around the popular packaging trends for 2017. Go through the same and don’t forget to share.

Packaging Trends for 2017