One Orange a Day keeps Cancer Away


“One Apple a Day keeps Doctor away”. We all are aware of this.

Apples have all time high status in the fruit table. But very few used to remember the ‘not so less’ valued fruit orange.


Statistical data shows that Orange is world’s third favorite flavor after chocolate and vanilla. Not the Apple.

We know Apple has many Health Benefits. But regular consumption of orange juice can also boost our health. It contains essential Nutrients, Minerals and Vitamins. Recent study has shown that Skin, Lung, Breast, Stomach and Colon Cancer can be prevented by taking orange juice regularly. “Orange juice could contribute to chemo-prevention at every stage of cancer initiation and progression,” said researchers.

Orange is a citrus fruit. Scientific name: Citrus Sinensis. Orange is generally tropical to semi tropical, evergreen, small flowering tree and is almost of 5-8 m in length. We usually consume sweet orange. There is also another type of orange which is bitter in taste.

Orange Benefits:


Orange juice is full of flavonoids. Mostly Hesperidin, Naringin and Naringenin types of Flavonoids are found in orange juice. These are very good anti–oxidants and act as anti-inflammatory substances inside the body. They really have very effective role in cancer prevention. They reduce the oxidant injury occurring in DNA. Orange contains Alpha and Beta-Carotenes, Carotenoids, Zea-Xanthin, Beta-Cryptoxanthin, Lutein which also have anti-oxidant property. These are essential in maintenance of the skin and the mucus membrane. They also correct the vision and prevent lung, liver and oral cavity cancer. The Hesperidin also maintains the blood pressure level in the human body.

Orange Benefits


Orange is an excellent source of Vitamin C. It contains 53.2 mg of Vitamin C per 100 g which is almost 90% of Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA). It is very powerful natural anti-oxidant which not only develops the resistance power in human body but also prevent diseases like Scurvy, Dental Conditions, Infections, Hair and Skin problem, Bruising, Joint and Muscle Aches, Weight Loss, Mood Changes, Fatigue, Cancer and Heart Disease.

It also contains Vitamin B Complex like Pyridoxine, Thiamin and Folates.

Orange also contain good amount of Sodium, Calcium and Potassium which maintain the heart beat and blood pressure.

This is a Low Calorie and Zero Cholesterol fruit. It has Dietary Fiber Pectin which is a good laxative and thus very helpful in decreasing excess body weight. It also lessens the effectiveness of cancer causing element in the colon.

Orange juice is helpful in Kidney Diseases, in maintaining Cholesterol Level, fight against Acne and Pimple Marks, makes Skin Fairer and is also helpful in fighting against Viral Infection too.

Orange caution:

Organic oranges are free from pesticide thus safe to eat. But one should wash the fruit under running water and make sure there should not be any added color in it, because these coloring agents can be very harmful after intake.