Noxious Places in the World


Since the dawn of time, humans have been known for their technological advancements and this goes on till today. The ever-growing thirst of humankind in science and technology may have made our lives easier, but the trace of waste we have left (and still continue to leave) behind is simply atrocious. Pollutants of various types have fatally ruined our environment. Many locations have been so drastically affected to such an extent that living in them is almost impossible. Chernobyl, Ukraine is a great instance; the town witnessed the worst nuclear power plant accident in human history and since then it has been an uninhabitable town with only mere memories to be talked about.

Many places in the United States have been declared extremely toxic such as Love Canal (New York) and Tar Creek (Oklahoma). A recent case, for instance, is a practice called Hydraulic Fracturing, or Hydro-fracking, which is a perfect instance of contemporary methods that have been linked to pollution of Air and Water.

Given below are the other places that are noxiously polluted:

Linfen, China: Any other polluted city would seem a safer place when compared to the air pollution in Linfen and maybe that’s the reason why it is considered to be the “most polluted city in the world.” The manufacturing industries and automobile pollution has been credited as the chief cause for it. The air in Linfen is apparently so polluted that air drying a cloth can literally turn them black!

Linfen, China

The Great Pacific Garage Patch: The Great Pacific Garage Patch, as the name suggests, is an island as twice as big as the size of Texas and over thirty feet deep. It basically consists of plastic waste and floats in the Pacific Ocean. Now you can imagine what it would be like if the marine life would start feeding on these wastes, it would ultimately hamper humans through a series of ‘food chain’.


Rondonia, Brazil: Rondonia in Brazil has been considered as the most deforested region of the Amazon Rainforest. The once lush green forest covering thousands of acres of land with tress has been slashed and burned down. The area has now been replaced with pastureland to feed the cattle.


Yamuna River: The Yamuna River, one of the most sacred rivers of India, has also been a victim of harmful pollutants and dumping ground for harmful sewage. The National Capital Region, Delhi alone contributes around 3,296 MLD of sewage per day. Such amount of disposal is too large for the underfunded treatment facilities to handle.


La Oroya, Peru: The lead smelter in La Oroya, Peru, is run by North American Company, Doe Run. The smelting company is basically responsible for polluting the city with massive amount of Lead. Lead is considered to be one of the most toxic metals in the carbon group and if inhaled, it could cause series of diseases like blood disorders, permanent damage to nervous system, damage to soft tissues and bones and many more. On a clinical test conducted on the children living in the neighborhood, almost every child possessed lead in their bloodstream and that too at a very unacceptable level.