NDT Training & Consultancy in the UK


If your business centres around product invention and development the likely hood is that you will at some point require NDT (non-destructive testing) services whether they be for physical product testing or perhaps consultancy services for NDT.

Non-destructive testing is the process of testing a system, component or material without causing it any damage, this can be done in a number of ways most of which are highly specialised and ideal for certain uses more so than others. NDT is a popular form of testing as it does not cause damage to the product/work in question, this is beneficial for say testing prototype products and assessing how that product can be pushed on to the next stage and what may need altering in order to achieve that progress.

NDT can be and is used across a range of different industries including medicine, art and a host of engineering disciplines such as mechanical, forensic, civil and electrical engineering.

NDT Consultancy is an invaluable service for anyone who has limited experience in the area, for example business start ups who are new in their Industry. Speaking to and NDT consultant will benefit manufacturers/inventors by outlining too them what exactly NDT is, what kind of NDT tests there are and most importantly which tests are suitable for putting your work, product or system through its paces.

Once you have built up your knowledge and understanding around NDT Testing you may want to consider enrolling on a training course in that area of NDT. The syllabus for each area will obviously differ between areas and potential have subtly differences between different training providers. These subtleties aside you should expect to go through areas of general theory, specific (to your company/needs) theory, practical exercises, class lectures, relevant texts & computer based learning.

Each individual NDT training centre will have its own approach to NDT and therefore their own belief as to what the most effective way is to successfully conduct NDT training. It is advisable when researching the field to read what your potential provider is all about and how they prefer to structure their sessions. Look out to see if their sessions are more lecture based or weigh heavy on the practical side of things, these approaches will appear to different kinds of learners.

Another selling point for your NDT Training provider could be whether they offer on site training services or whether you must attend your closest training centre to sit your training. Depending on the locations available and your ability to attend if it is a long distance away could also become a factor in your decision.


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