Navratri 2016 – Celebration of “Dandiya Raas”


Navratri is a hindu festival dedicated to goddess Durga. It continues for nine days andeach day, a different form of goddess Durga is worshipped. This festival is celebrated twice in a year, 1st time in the month of March-April and second time in the month of October-November. This year, Navratri 2016 dates are:

Chaitra Navratri Dates: 8th April, 2016-16th April, 2016

Sharad Navratri Dates: 1stOctober,2016 – 9th October, 2016

maa durga nava roop nine forms of shakti

Among the numerous forms of Raas, the most admired one is “Dandiya Raas”, which is executing during Navratri. In fact, it plays’ key role in Navratri celebrations. Dandiya Raas is the important dance of the evenings of Navratri in Gujarat. The form of dance is not just limited to Gujarat; it is also performed in Mumbai and Kolkata also in the honor of Goddess Durga. It is the fight between the Goddess and the mighty demon-king Mahishasura -. The dandiya or sticks of the dance represent the sword of Durga. Women usually present it in a charming and musical manner in a circle as they rotate around the ‘mandvi’.

Dress for Dandiya Raas:

By tradition, it is executing after aarti. Therefore, Dandiya Rass is an essential part of the happiness. The particular characteristic of the dance is the multi-colored costume worn by the dancers and the multicolored sticks carried by them. Both men and women love to be seen dressed in their best conventional attire. The women wear colorful embroidered dresses like ghagra choli with beautiful bandhani printed dupattas glittering with mirror work and beautiful ornaments or jewellery, while men look very gorgeous in their traditional bright kedias.

How to Play Dandiya Dance: Steps to Follow

The multicolored sticks, used in Dandiya Raas, are generally made of cane and bamboo. For this reason it its another name is ‘stick dance’. The round movements of Dandiya Raas to some extent are very complex, which can be done only with skill in the art form. The dancers hit the sticks with their partners and dance in round motion, to the rhythm of the music played in the background. A big number of people are involved in Dandiya Raas and two circles are shaped by the dancers.

Dandiya Raas

One circles rotates clockwise, while the other rotates anti clockwise. The dance is a very energetic, lively and fast paced art form, thus leaving no scope for laziness. There is a musician, with his ‘meddale’ drum, accompanies with the dancers. The person takes position in the center of the two circles and leads the dancers with his beats. The dancers dance in a strategized manner to the tune of the music, with lots of beats of drum. Dandiya Raas in Navratri is a compelling thing to look at as well as to take part in.

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