Nail Polish and Serious Health Issues


Nail Polish has been one of the most widely used cosmetic element, adored and admired by million, in and around the globe. It is one of our most basic need without which our make-up is incomplete. Some might even ask, how something so small could cause so much damage, well, the answer is given right below.

Nail Polish contains a very lethal chemical called Toluene, which if inhaled caused serious health complications. Some of which I’ve listed below:

  • It damages our brain. To be frank on excessive inhalation, it kills our brain cells thereby causing a severe health threat. Well even if you don’t want to inhale it intentionally (which obviously no one would do), we tend to do it ultimately. How many times have you actually put on that nail paint without actually getting the hint of its smell? Well I would say less than never!

Nail Polish

But the danger doesn’t end here alone, toluene is also present in other paints like wall paints and car paints. Just a matter of advice, if you use nail paints regularly, then do put a mask to ward off that harmful effect of toluene.

  • It’s lethal for pregnant women too (and the baby too). If you are expecting and want to have a healthy baby in your arms, then you better stay away from these chemicals. It is not only harmful for you, but for your baby too. Increased contact and inhalation of these chemical means your baby would be a victim of the aftermath and may grow up with some or many deficiencies. You do not want your child to grow up with deformities. So, keep that nails clean and save your baby.

Nail Polish

Well it wouldn’t be wrong to say there are nail paints that are toluene free. But then honey, if not toluene then the substitute too can be harmful for you. Just imagine, something that stays in your nails for so long ought to be loaded with chemicals, don’t you think so? In addition to these, the nail polish remover, i.e. acetone too contains many lethal properties. Or for that matter, I would say it is more harmful than the nail polish itself. It is absolutely not possible to change everything around you, but all you can do is ‘change what can be changed’ and leave the rest.

I would suggest everyone to start avoiding it as much as possible, and if you cannot do without it, then be very careful while applying it and to pass this message on to millions out there, who don’t have a least idea about it. But remember, Prevention is always better than the cure itself. Trust me, you won’t see the ill effects now but you will gradually notice them at the latter half of your life. And if you are on the boat of, “live fast die young” gang, then you better watch out honey, because the more you get exposed to these chemicals, the more the aftermath. So, avoid what you can and stay healthy.