Mobile Market’s Impact on Business is Still Raising. [Infographic: Real Time Data Statistics Shown]


The business world isn’t exactly very fond of innovations that shake the ground. Stability is one of the most valuable resources in matters that involve investments, revenue and everything related. When you run a company, you want to be sure it will grow and prosper, so it comes naturally that an entrepreneur will think twice before implementing something innovative and fresh. Because, well, no one can give you any guarantees that it will work out and serve your company well.

That’s exactly the situation that engulfed the market when mobile technologies had started to gain significant momentum. On one hand, entrepreneurs were fascinated by the possibilities: millions of new customers easy to reach out to, new channels of distribution, potential rise in revenues like never before. On the other hand: is this even serious business? At some stages, mobiles seemed to be no more than just clumsy communication devices hardly affordable for the masses. But flow of time proved that mobile technologies were meant to be the real King of global market.

According to Coupon Machine’s mobile data tracker, 51% of the worldwide internet traffic runs through mobile devices. It can be divided into many categories and subcategories, but take a look at some impressive numbers related to the most famous services and companies out there.

  • Almost 4 million selfies taken in every hour through worldwide.
  • Almost 25k Grabtaxi rides booked in every hour only from mobile devices.
  • More than 4 million Samsung mobiles sales every day. And 618 thousand Apple smartphones.
  • Instagram says, “almost 2 billion pics will be updated to our gallery every month”.
  • iTunes says,” More than 22 million songs gets downloaded from our iTunes.”
  • App store receives 96 new apps and games every day.
  • Globally 4million TB video traffic from video sharing sites.

And that’s just the beginning, because some other numbers coming from this Coupon Machine data are even more interesting in matters of business. For example, 29 million users access Facebook using their mobile devices every hour. And every single day around 415 million new Tweets are posted. Needless to say, this is a huge virtual take-off platform for any kind of business out there. In times past, such potential for gaining brand awareness and company publicity could only be dream of.

Perhaps that’s the main reason why the mobile market can be rightly seen as the King of modern market. With millions of users every day, the mobile world is an incessant source for information, valuable connections, business opportunities and marketing niches. We can only wonder what will be the next steps of its evolution, but one thing is for sure: the possibilities will keep growing.