Make Your Packaging More Eco-friendly


People today are more aware of the environmental changes and they are more interested in using Eco-friendly solutions to reduce their carbon footprints. This growing awareness has opened the doors for the companies who sell Eco-friendly products. But are these companies using Eco-friendly packaging for delivering the same? Well many companies are still using traditional packaging materials and techniques to deliver the products.

So what your company should be doing in order to make product packaging more Eco-friendly?

Here we are sharing some time which can be followed:

Don’t package it

Do your products really need to be individually packaged? If not then you can cut the packaging costs right now. Some companies pack every little thing using the plastic packaging material. Don’t you think it is unnecessary? There are thousands of items that don’t need any secondary packaging at all. Before diving into this topic further, let’s discuss about the types of packaging:

  1. Primary Packaging: This type of packaging contains the product. In general terms we can say that primary packaging is the packaging that customer sees.
  2. Secondary Packaging: The packaging that contains the primary packaging, example: boxes
  3. Tertiary: This type of packaging contains the secondary packaging and used for bulk transportation.

Minimize the amount of packaging

Take a good look at your packaging and decide whether there is a way to minimize the same. By cutting down on extra packaging, you can easily save money and at the same time providing an eco-friendly packaging solution that uses less packaging.

Using recyclable materials

You can use recyclable materials like cardboard boxes or paper to reduce carbon footprints. Organic items can also be used for certain packaging solutions.

Creative packaging

Try to use packaging solutions that can be used again in households or companies for different purposes. Plastic carrier bags can be reused for carrying lightweight products.

Biodegradable packaging

Investing in biodegradable packaging can be a big step towards reducing your carbon footprints.

This infographic, created by Globe Packaging, revolves around facts and statistics about Packaging waste in UK.

Packaging Waste In The UK