Love or Flirt: Which One would You Prefer


Five years back, when I was returning from Visakhapatnam, I met a girl of my age in the train. She had a charming face but was having sad eyes as if they wanted to tell me something. While talking to her, I told that I used to write stories and blogs. After she heard that she insisted me to write a story on her. I don’t want to reveal her name because I don’t like doing so, but I really want to share her story with the readers so that everyone could know this true life story.

She was from a small town and had come to Chennai for pursuing her graduation. There she met a guy and soon they became good friends. Within next 6 months, the guy proposed her and as such she too accepted it.

It was the time that her love was blooming. She never felt serious as well as didn’t show weakness on any other guy except whom she used to love. It was the best moment of her life. She was completely blind in love with him.

She also didn’t tell her parents as the guy was too scared of it as he needs sometime because he didn’t had job at that time. She also had never doubted on him in any matter. He used to get flowers, chocolates and other stuffs which he could bring for her. She also reduce her all luxuries and expenses just to buy expensive gifts for him as she knew he prefer branded stuffs. They even used to spend more than 15 hours a day with each other.

Suddenly she stopped and her voice started trembling. After this sudden change in her behavior I told her to stop telling about her past life but she insisted me to listen to her.

3 years passed away and the time actually came of their placement in a company where they both appeared. They both cleared the written test. Out of many candidates, only 5 could clear the interview. It was one of the highest paying companies. The company made it clear that after the written they would hire only one candidate. Both of them knew that amongst them she would be the one who is getting to be selected as because she had good communication skill. At that point of time whatever situation had arisen she at once made her mind to quit the selection procedure and went to hospital saying she wasn’t feeling well at all. After leaving the company she went to her room and prayed for him so that he could get selected for the job. And at last he actually got selected. It was one of the happiest moments on her life when she heard that he got the job.

Later she too got a job in an MNC. After that when both of them were into a job, for 6 long months they couldn’t able to meet every day as both of them were far from each other. After that a day before her birthday the guy told her these crushing words, “I have always been flirting with you and never loved you”. And on her birthday, he changed his relationship status on a social media site to ‘in a relationship with Jiya’. After that day they never talked to each other. Neither did he try to do so nor did she. Few months ago she came to know that they were getting married.


After she finished telling about her past life story, she asked me with her trembling voice which really shocked me, ‘Can anyone flirt in this way with someone and for so long? And after that can anyone fall in love with someone else so easily?’

After hearing this I couldn’t able to reply to her question but just thought that might be she couldn’t understand the difference between flirt and love.