Love Marriage – Success or Failure?


Did we ever wonder why few people always try to find a perfect person to marry and prefer their love affair to last for lifetime? On the other hand, do we ever think why there are few who prefer to marry someone whom they know but later on they feel that they did some mistake? Now the point is to know where the difference is. Why few people succeed doing love marriage whereas others fail?

Love is an eternal feeling and one of the most beautiful gifts in the world. It cannot be expressed in mere words. Person falling into love with someone usually intends to get married and want to live rest of their life together happily. Though it is said that it is made in heaven, still sometimes it’s seen that most of the love marriages are not successful. One of the important differences between love and arranged marriage is that in love both the partners knew each other for a long time and both of them deemed in love before marriage.

Usually marriage is the ultimate motto among two lovers after loving and caring each other. They always want to lead rest of their life together no matter what the condition would be. In love marriage, you are not going to live with anyone whom you didn’t have seen before and hence should not face any problem in understanding your partner. Sometimes love marriage can become unsuccessful if the couple would get short time to know each other. Most of the people always believe that if a couple knows each other better as well as for a long time then there would be less chance for the marriage to be unsuccessful.


During the time when a couple is having their love affair they know their partner very well and thus the expectations are usually very high from each other. But sometimes when the expectation couldn’t be met, that’s the time when a gap arises between the couple, which sometimes are managed and handled by them itself whereas sometimes couldn’t be. But it is often seen, if such circumstances arises, that it gets too late for the couple to know about the matter and as a result gets late to rectify them which generally concludes in ruin of their relation. Love marriage provides more freedom and independence but may also hamper the bonding between the couple. Moreover, who does love marriage doesn’t need to get the consent of their family as because they are the only one who carries their affair till marriage.

Most of the time, love marriage utterly depends on fantasy and physical attraction between the couple and thus there is always a chance of it to break. In most of the cases, it is found that women start to feel that their husband doesn’t need them anymore or in a relation with someone else. They always used to compare the past and present behavior of their husband which generally concludes in misconception among them. In such situation, women should first try to figure out the reason behind this misconception without quarreling with their husband. After marriage, men have many responsibilities to fulfill. He generally has to take care of many family issues which cannot be handled by women. After marriage, they usually have to face lot of pressure which sometimes distracts their attention. But it does not mean that their love for their wife got reduced. Instead of behaving awkwardly, women should go side by side with their husband so that they can feel some relaxation from the extreme pressure they got to face in handling family issues.


On the contrary, husband should also understand the emotion of their wife too. Few sweet words from husband could do a lot, his support and romantic intimacy through his smile, warm kiss or hug, can confer a world of joy to her. Such activities from husband can give a very comfortable feeling to her. These things often happen more in love marriage rather than arrange marriage. This is because, in arrange marriage the couple starts loving and understanding each other only after getting married. The later process usually got less chance of quarreling and misunderstanding between the couple and hence, divorce rate in love marriage is comparatively higher than that of arranged marriage.

We know that to make a marriage successful it really requires hard work. If you base your marriage on lie, you usually are ignoring the actions you are observing in the person who has fallen in love with you. Sometimes few people do like that, and if it so it’s really good to tell the person the moment they are falling in love about the truth so that later on he/she won’t have to suffer more.