Live Chat Software for a Fulfilling Customer Engagement Experience


There was a time not too long ago when the live chat icon on websites was both a rarity and a novelty. Inquisitive site visitors would notice the live chat software prompts in the form of a button on their favorite Internet hotspots but would be too scared to click them for one reason or another. Those days are gone now and while thousands of upmarket and progressive websites are rooting for live support software by signing up in droves, such websites continue to remain in a minority. If you happen to be a webmaster, the CEO of an Internet commerce company or even a small e-commerce enterprise, which you happily run out of your basement home office for a few hours each day, live chat software is just right up your alley if you do not have it already.

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The list of benefits that one can draw up in support of live support software can run into a few pages. Nevertheless, we have picked a few that we believe make the case for this manifestation of customer support software rather persuasively. Take it for what it is worth with an open mind and you will see for yourself that what we are proposing here isn’t just sheer marketing hype.

Live Chat Software Drives Conversions –

We can cite chapter and verse from dozens of market surveys and research studies but take our word for it. There is the Comp USA ComScore study, which demonstrated how live support software deployed on e-commerce websites can drive up business tenfold.  In essence, what live chat does is that it provides your online customer community with a no-nonsense reason to chat with your chat operators and you – ask questions, get a few clarifications, verify the uses of a product they are considering purchasing from your website and so on.

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When was the last time you bought a product from Wal-Mart that you had never even heard of before without ringing the bell? Every marketing textbook will tell you that customer communication is key to business success and I think that is why Wal-Mart introduced the practice of greeters at their entry gates to welcome its shoppers. Communication personalizes the buying experience and many who are in the habit of shopping online also want that experience. Live chat software gives it to them with no strings attached.

Live Chat Software application, is a simple plug and play hosted service provided by many companies and does not require any software installation or IT expertise. You just need to place HTML code into your webpage to enable live support on your website.