Know How Yoga Can Bring Holistic Changes into Your Life

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“Breathe in, breathe out – Stress in, stress out”

How many times have you heard these lines? Ten? Hundred? Thousand? Probably a million.

The reason Yoga is ubiquitous is it benefits physical and mental health. Improved flexibility, increased cognitive ability, creative prowess and focus of mind are all in the long list of benefits Yoga offers. The list is so long that it just goes on and on.

Yoga is not just for the body and mind, but also for the soul and beyond. And it’s not a rhetoric, yoga is indeed a nourishing food for the soul.

Realizing the advantages of Yoga contribute to an accrued feeling of wellbeing, folks agree that yoga can change lives. The truth is Yoga offers a lot more than what most people notice.

Its physical and mental health benefits like reduced stress, anxiety and fatigue, higher concentration and energy levels and increased feelings of calmness and wellbeing have been well documented over the years, and currently a new wave of research is developing that suggests yoga aids several other areas of life too.

So if you have never unrolled a Yoga mat before, here are the reasons why you should roll one over your floor.

Improves Flexibility

Moving and stretching in new ways can assist you to become doubly flexible, bringing in the larger range of motion to tight areas. Keep practicing and over the time, you’ll achieve flexibility in your hamstrings, shoulders, hips, and back. As we age, our flexibility begins to decrease, particularly if we pay loads of time sitting that ends up in immobility and causes pain. Yoga helps reversing it.


Builds Strength

Many yoga poses need you to bear your body weight in new ways that, when performed together with balancing on one leg (as in tree pose) or supporting yourself with your arms (as in downward facing dog), makes your body stronger.

Holding these poses over the course of many breaths helps build muscular strength and increases muscle mass. Physical strength is needed alongside mental strength and buff muscles are the sign of strength. Yoga improves muscle tone.

Improves Balance 

Improved balance is an additional advantages of practicing yoga. This is especially advantageous when you grow old. Poses where you stand on one leg for several minutes are good for balance. Yoga techniques like inversions are useful for advanced students as these techniques create core strength in them that keeps them upright.

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Supports Joint Health 

The movements necessary for yoga are low impact, permitting you to use your joints while not injuring them. Yoga helps strengthen the muscles around the joints, change their load. Folks with arthritis typically see marked improvement in their pain and mobility with regular light yoga practice.

Boost Your Metabolism 

Because of the stimulating impact yoga has on the inner workings of your body, it’s a useful manner of controlling your metabolism and giving you a supporting boost in case you have been living a sedentary lifestyle.

The claim that Yoga heals diseases is not far-fetched. According to science, a strong immune system is a bulwark against several diseases and over 80% of the immune system is in the gut. So a well-functioning metabolism is essential to live a healthy life.

This suggests that regular yoga practice helps you to lose weight not solely by burning the calories while you’re practising, but additionally by stimulating your body’s overall metabolic system. A great benefit, indeed.


Awakens your inner self

Yoga is a very personal experience. It is personal in so many ways. Yoga empowers us. It’s common for us to feel powerless at times, or the overwhelming sense of losing direction in life. As mentioned already, Yoga empowers the mind besides the body. It helps us reconnect with our core essence so that we are able to re- orientate ourselves yet again and realize focus, passion and the drive to stand up and act.

Satiates spiritual hunger

Disillusioned by today’s consumerist culture, if you want to take refuge in spirituality, Yoga can come to your aid. Yogic science – upheld by medical science for its contributions unlike astrology or numerology – believes practicing Yoga activates the chakras (energy centers) in the body. With activation of chakras comes profound spiritual experiences and knowledge and the activator finds answer to his life questions.


Select yoga technique carefully 

Remember, Yoga is an umbrella term. There are so many branches of Yoga out there. Some for beginners, some for advanced practitioners. Select a branch depending on your needs.

Want physical agility? Practice Hatha Yoga. If you want spiritual knowledge, Kundalini Yoga would be right for you. Talk to the Yoga master and then decide whether the type of Yoga they teach would suit your needs.

Be patient

As we saw they are some specular advantages of yoga that can change life, improve physical as well as mental health. Yoga provides stability in life, calms down your inner self amid all the chaos and cacophony.

Nonetheless, Yoga may be a blessing but not a miracle that will show result overnight. All the improvement you expect from Yoga will materialize, but only if you practice yoga daily and incorporate it into your daily life. Then it will be a life changer.




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