It’s All in The Package [Infographic]


Packaging design & materials can influence buying decisions so you should always choose the right packaging for your products. It is packaging design which makes your products stand out among the rest in the crowded marketplace. You should always choose the color of the packaging, design and packaging material wisely. According to a research, right packaging color can improve brand awareness and it also captures the attention of potential customer. Colors should not only communicate about the qualities of the products, they should also project the image of the business. Stimulant colors like red and orange give a sense of urgency while light colors give a smooth experience.

Selection of right packaging material not only improves your brand image but also it improve trust factor. If a customer trusts your brand then he will surely recommend it to his friends and relatives. High quality materials signify that the product inside the package is of great quality and opposite case happens when you use low quality material. High quality materials are durable and they can be reused. They protect the products while in transit and there is no chance of physical damage to product if the packaging is strong. Packaging should also be flexible because flexible packaging needs less space. Rigid packaging occupies more space hence it is not a favored choice. Your packaging materials should be environmentally friendly because today customers want their products to be easily recyclable and reusable. Another important thing which you should consider is the patterns you follow while design your package. It should be easy to eyes and also the package should be easy to open.

Innovative packaging is also a trend these days and you should not forget to add a touch of creativity to your packaging. Here we have an infographic from Globe Packaging which highlights the importance of right packaging design and materials.


Author Bio:  Mark Dawson shares his views about the changes in packaging industry. He also works as a packaging designer at Globe Packaging – online store to buy industry standard packaging materials.