Is it Possible Nowadays for a Boy and a Girl to be a Friend?


Friendship is an unconditional bond between two or amongst many people. It doesn’t require any compulsory commitment in return from anyone who are good friends. When we are amongst all of our friends, we love to spend time with one another as well as love to share everything what we can and want to.

We always develop intriguing feelings when we are amongst friends which we love to cherish and also do not want to let it go down. A friend finds an aide and confidant in a person whom he/she calls his best buddy. He or she feels very relaxed and secure to share all his or her secrets, his/her personal and social feelings, emotions, commitment, and so on with close friends.


However there’s a misconception going around nowadays that a boy and a girl can never be just a friend. This is what most of the people living in our society thinks. This is what they understand no matter how much a boy or a girl tries to explain it to them that it’s just friendship, and nothing else.

For few of them, there could be a love story going on. But like that it’s not always true that each and every girl or a boy will have the same story going on in their life. Did you ever thought of this why do people think that it’s just love whenever they see a boy or a girl together? Why don’t they think it can be just a friendship between them? Why is their mentality so cheap? Is love the only relationship a boy or a girl can have? If any one of us would think it’s not correct, it’s time to step forward and to convince people that what they are guessing is wrong.

Time is changing rapidly, the world is undergoing tremendous changes with the change of time. If we think this is true then why is our mentality still the same? Why we consider that when a boy and a girl hangout together there is something cooking between them?

It’s really high time we must realize that with time we should also change. It’s necessary to change our views towards this topic and the more quick we understand it more good it would be for our own society.


It’s not always true or necessary that a boy and a girl must be bonded with each other just with love. Sometimes friendship also plays a good role more than just being in love.