Is it Always Easy for a Woman to Lead a Happy Life?


Do we really know or even have little bit idea about who a woman is? She only has the power and ability to bring a new born child to this world. She also has the ability to perform different roles in a family. Sometimes she acts like a wife and a mother. Sometimes she also acts like a friend and a sister as well as she also sometimes acts as a survivor to the end.

Still inspite of all these characters a woman has to play in her daily life, do we all really appreciate her. The answer to this question might not be good to hear but most of us actually don’t even care about all these. Let’s forget about these, just think of how many of us ask about her worries or what actually she likes or want to share among all, the truth is most of us don’t even care. After seeing all these behavior of all, she has got nothing to do but to wipe away her tears as if it is invisible so that nobody would feel it. Most of us hardly used to notice all these as if they don’t have any feelings in them and addition to this we always pretend before them as if we are in our own world.

She always used to do almost all kinds of work in a family for us. She also even works so that she could contribute to her family’s financial issues as well as also take care of her family members. She used to cook and even used to clean the house. She laughs whenever she felt uneasy and tries to hide her pain from others.


When we struggle in our life she is the one who usually pulls us through without letting us know about how sad she is or tired or even not well. Inspite of all these, people used to complain against her and usually create a mess, provide stress to her and let her leave depressed and also sometimes push her away and ignore her advice. And at last most of the times use to tell her that she is no one to them without even thinking about it once.

Being a woman is not really an easy task. Even today in most of the families, there exist killing of baby girls when she is in her mother womb and even there exists trade of girls mostly for vulgar purpose. While doing these people don’t even think about her how she feels when she got to undergo such adverse condition. Someone even never think of how she feels when she was being raped, tortured and abused by them. She always used to swallow her pride and put her feelings aside. Does anyone think that she too likes or needs to lead a free and happy life?

She also used to ignore people’s ignorance and tolerates their flaws. Inspite of that people sometimes or might be most of the times used to call her bitch, slut as well as tramp too.

A woman who is educated makes her whole family educated but people never used to notice this because most of them feel that providing education to them is just a waste of money and time. We should all think that she too is a human being like us who also need love, care and respect.