Inequality between Men and Women in India


The concept of equality between men and women came to provide equal opportunities to both of them. Each and every day we often used to say that both male and female are equal in our society. But is it actually like that? Did we ever think of the current scenario in terms of them in our society, like how people used to treat both of them, how they used to lead their daily life, etc? The truth is most of us don’t even think or care about that.

Government has made several laws and facilities to maintain the equality as well as to provide equal rights to both of them. But it seems that none of us is following those laws and no wonder why as because no one really cares and co-operate according to these laws and until and unless people won’t co-operate, those are not possible to achieve nor to avail. There are many male dominated places in India yet now, where female are not allowed to go outside even from their house. They were also not allowed to go for their higher education and even there are few families who don’t even allow them to go to school for having their primary education. If they somehow manage to get their education, they were not allowed to go out for proving themselves in this world, i.e. they were not allowed to do their job or anything which they really want to do. Probably these things doesn’t happen to few but almost all women has to face this somehow and sometimes in their life.

Few of us might have also noticed in our family too that our brothers were allowed to go anywhere, can come late night or even can have and roam with their girlfriend/s, can talk over phone till late night, and many more. But when it comes to a girl, they usually have to face lot of family restrictions. Most of their elders don’t like to allow them to talk till late night over phone nor roam around with their friends. Even if they allow them to do so, they are bound to get back home before evening or by 7pm. There were lot of other things too which women has to face in their family. Most of us might have a doubt sometimes about why our elders like to do this to us, the truth might probably be the society they are living which don’t accept all these, and that might be the only reason why they don’t allow us to do all these. It is often said that the girl’s virginity is more important than that of a boy, but do we ever thought of why do people used to say this? What type of society is this where a boy can do anything they want to do whereas a girl inspite of being more matured than them can’t do anything? If we say a girl has all the rights to enjoy her life in her own way then why do they used to face so much of restrictions?

Power struggle

India is said to be the fastest growing economic country in the world but still the male domination here is highly functioning. But the problem is that no one really knows why it is like that. Few of us might think that this is possible because of having less education. Few of us might also think that it is because of high cultural effect or even sometimes we think that our government is not showing or giving importance towards it. We sometimes also think that it is because of people who used to think that women are physically weak than that of men. Whatever be the reason, we cannot blame on just one. The truth is there are many such reasons behind it why people used to think like that.

Government is taking lot of actions for the protection of women and giving them equal rights. But until and unless people won’t care and co-operate, it is just useless. And when something goes wrong, people used to blame on the society as few of them think and believe that there are certain rules in the society where they live, they got to follow. But who made this society? It’s we who made the society and its system. So it can and should be changed, of course if we seriously think of changing it. And most importantly we are in the 21st century, where everything is changing. If that is true why not we also change the inequality between men and women in our society so that both of them can lead their life happily and can help each other as well as can change each and every such systems which is needed to be changed.