Increasing your Kid’s Reading Skills through Funny Games


It is indeed a great fun for you when your kid starts learning something, especially to read. But, sometimes it becomes uninteresting for your kid if he/she has to do the same again and again. But practicing something regularly is really an important process for learning. Therefore, it is really essential that you make the learning process interesting to your kid.  

We all know the quote ‘learning through play’. This can be a very goop option for you child. Through playing, your kid can also develop cognitive as well as social skills. So you can introduce one or two learning games to your kid like jumble words, alphabetic cube, writing book through which they can develop their reading as well as learning skills, etc. This will help your kid to think about letters and words and will also help to increase his/her reading skills without using the worksheet.

Different funny ways to incorporate reading skills in your kids

Jumbled words:

This is the perfect funny game for the kids aged between 7- 10. To engage your kid in this type of game, you need to write or copy a whole paragraph from a book in jumbled up words. Do remember, the paragraph must be simple. Note down the story so that most of the words are mixed up like “og htsi awy” and ask your kid to work out the words to bring out the story. You can make this game funny by adding scavenger hunt to the story and give clue. Now, let your kid run around the house to look for prizes.

Writing book:

This game is best for the kids aged between 3-10. Gather several kids together. Get black board and chalk or whiteboard and marker. Ask one child to begin a story and ask each kids to write the next story line. After every child finished writing their lines, quote each of their lines. Then those kids’ lines will develop into a funny story. Interestingly, all the kids will have fun and will laugh when they see the story. You can also help kids to copy the story in a book for further illustration if the kid wants to.

Reading out books:

Read out a book which has sensory parts in it to your kid, or ask him/her to read it out to you. While reading this sensory book, your kid will feel and taste the fruits.

But you should also keep few things in your mind that the learning through play process should be spontaneous, enjoyable and pleasurable to your child. As playing is natural to children, this can be a very good medium to explore the world to them.