Importance of Proper Sleep


“Man is a genius when he is dreaming.” ­–Akira Kurosawa

Sleep is one of the most vital essences of life that we cannot afford to neglect. It is like recharging your battery after a long day’s use.

Neglecting it might often end up to be disastrous and the aftermath are unimaginable. Every one of us like to take that beauty sleep every night but sometimes it just goes out of hand. The result, we often end up staying late at night.

Proper Sleep

If you’re amongst the group of people who fail to replenish themselves and often end up without proper sleep; let me give you reasons as to why you should stop doing it.

  • Sleep deprivation/lack of proper sleep often hinders our mind and we fail to concentrate. This often leads to car accidents and stupid mistakes.
  • Staying late at night might sound fancy to finish off that extra work but it leaves you more stressed out than ever, the following day.
  • People who lack proper sleep often end up feeling irritated with frequent mood swings.
  • Better sleep aids you in quick recovery. You could actually sleep off some of your diseases!
  • It leads to chronic diseases, hypertension, and obesity and worst of all chronic insomnia. Depression and diabetes are also related to poor sleeping habits.
  • Proper sleep can actually help you in burning that extra calorie and boosting your metabolic rate. Well, lack of sleep does just the opposite.
  • Staying up late at night often leads to higher risk of strokes and heart attacks.
  • You often fail to focus on many things which lead to ill management. Sleep deprived people are often disorganized mentally as well as physically.
  • Ever heard people talking about beauty sleep? Well, that’s exactly what I’m talking about. Proper sleep can actually de-stress you and make you look younger. Of course aging is a natural process and it will come its way sooner or later. But, with that beauty sleep you can actually slow it down.

Importance of Proper Sleep

Now let us come to the factors that hamper sleep:

First on the list we have, television. Watching television before going to bed actually disturbs your regular sleep.

Coming up next is alcohol. People often take alcohol as a way to get sleep but honey, it is just the opposite. It does give you temporary solace, but in the long run it is very harmful for your sleep pattern.

Next up is temperature. Research shows that people often have disrupted sleep when the temperature shoots up. Maintaining the temperature can actually aid your sleep.

Some fundamentals for good sleep:

  • Keep all the electronics away from your bed just before you’re going to bed.
  • Do not exercise right before bedtime.
  • Warm shower before bed will be of good help.
  • Develop a bedtime routine and stick to it.
  • Keep the room airy. Non-airy rooms are often suffocating and have a negative impact on sleep.
  • Try sleeping masks to avoid any kind of disturbances. Shielding your eyes with soft cotton clothes might work as well.
  • Think of something serene and beautiful. Like the places where you’ve gone on a vacation.

Importance of Proper Sleep

Overall, be determined. It is just a matter of courage and confidence. If you really want to improve your sleeping habits, you can and you will. Now go get that healthy sleep and make your life better.