How to Stay Healthy and Fit?


Staying healthy as well as fit has become a real challenge nowadays. The hectic lifestyle which people use to follow these days usually prevent them to take their meals in time. Instead of healthy food, people today are more inclined towards packaged or junk food items. Lack of exercise is another major reason behind unhealthy or illness. Even stress and tension today has become an integral part in people’s life. Sleeplessness, lack of exercise and improper diet are few major factors which result in breaking our health.

If we fall ill frequently, we will have to end up paying visits to a doctor on regular basis and we will really get shocked after seeing the medical bills at the end of the month. What people don’t realize is staying healthy nowadays is not as difficult as they think. Following are few basic tips which can help them to stay away from obesity, heart disease, high blood sugar, high blood pressure level and many other diseases.


Healthy food along with daily exercise is the mantra behind healthy and fit body as well as mind too. We all have heard about this several times but we usually don’t care nor feels to give it a try. As long as we stay away from these two, it will always increase our chances of falling ill. It’s really high time for all of us to start taking healthy foods along with doing regular exercises too.

There are few people who think that healthy foods are often tasteless. But this is not at all true. Healthy food doesn’t have to be tasteless all the time. They can be tasty as well. For example food items like fruits, dairy products, lean meats and leafy vegetables are tasty enough. We can prepare mouthwatering dishes with these food items too. All we need to do is to avoid excess use of oil. We can even use spices which have healthy benefits.

Sometimes it also happens that we are not hungry but feel to have something. It’s really good to go for dry fruits instead of junk foods at these times. This will reduce our calorie intake. We should stay away from cold drink as well as excessive intake of tea or coffee. Instead of that, we can drink fruit juice, green tea or green coffee that are good for our health.

People often run away from exercises because it might be the reason that whenever they hear this word they imagine it as something rigorous. Exercise doesn’t always mean going to gym or appointing a trainer at home. We can simply go for things which we enjoy doing most of the time such as dancing, swimming, any outdoor games or even jogging. Even walking can help us to stay active and healthy.


Apart from having healthy food and doing exercises, we should drink at least 2-3 liters of water per day. Sleeping for 6 to 8 hours a day is also important for building up good health.