How to Hypnotize Yourself using the ‘Best Me Technique’


The ‘Best Me Technique’ is a form of hyperempiria or suggestion-enhanced experience which involves your whole person in the content of a suggested event. Every letter in ‘Best Me’ corresponds with an element of suggestion. These elements can be applied in a variety of ways including visualization exercises and other forms of hypnosis and self hypnosis. Instead of merely picturing something in the mind’s eye, high responders to suggestion are able to use to exceed the limitations of ‘virtual reality’ by utilizing all the building blocks of experience.

1. Find a quiet time and place to practice the Best Me Technique.

An induction procedure is like the theme music to a motion picture or a television drama. It allows us to shift our thinking from a strictly logical mode of thought into a more flexible and imaginative way of looking at the world.

Unless you actually intend to do so, choose a time when you are not too sleepy or tired, so that you are not likely to doze off.

Turn off your cell phone or pager, if you have one, and take the telephone off the hook or put it on answer mode with the ringer turned off.

Sit down or lie down in a position which will enable you to relax deeply. If you would find yourself becoming uncomfortable during the session, it should not disturb you to gently adjust your position in order to keep yourself as comfortable as possible.

2. Guide yourself through the elements of the ‘Best Me Technique’ using whatever words feel most natural to you

The following example is merely for purposes of illustration. In actual use ‘Best Me’ suggestions may be presented in any order and varied as often as necessary, much as you might vary the verses and choruses of a song. You can make sure that you are including all the steps of the ‘Best Me Technique’ by silently counting them off on your fingers as you go along.

Belief systems: Picture yourself in a happy place, either real or imaginary, where you can drift off into a calm and peaceful nap. For the sake of illustration, we will use the example of lying on a blanket in the middle of a beautiful meadow, late on a warm spring morning.

Emotions: Let your entire being absorb the peacefulness which is all around you.

Sensations and physical perceptions: Feel the cool breeze upon your skin, and savor the freshness of the pure, country air. Listen to the twitter of the birds in the distance, and the sound of the water quietly splashing against the rocks in the brook, as you gently relax into the blanket and that warm, golden glow of the sunlight relaxes you completely from head to toe.

Thoughts and images: Sinking and shutting and shutting down completely.

Motives: It’s so calm and so peaceful that all you want to do is keep drifting, and dreaming, and floating on, and on, and on, into your own personal paradise.

Expectations: And the deeper you go, the deeper you will want to go, and more enjoyable would be the experience.

As you go through each step, believe and expect it to happen and you will feel it’s happening. The exact number of repetitions is not as important as the degree to which you are able to believe in your suggestions.

3. If you are inclined to a doubt whether or not you have achieved self-hypnosis after a few minutes.

For many people, there is no such feeling like “hypnotized”.

A private paradise is like a private room. When you enter a private space, it’s not unusual to close the door and to leave all worries and cares outside. You’ve already done this by closing your eyelids. Of course, you can lock the door so that you can be safe and secure anytime you want. Now, after locking the door, it’s natural to check it by tugging the doorknob and finding it locked tight.

As soon as you’re certain, relax the eyelids and allow that relaxation to flow through your body as you feel a sense of pride that you have just hypnotized yourself. You have given your body a suggestion, and your body has carried it out.

4. Practice regularly

Just as people who practice meditation must incorporate it into their life style in order to be able to benefit from it, and just as a driver does not turn off the ignition until the destination has been reached, you also need to continue to use the ‘Best Me Technique’ as often as needed to maintain your desired level of performance. However, once you have become sufficiently familiar with the elements of the ‘Best Me Technique’, you will be able to use them automatically and seamlessly in order to provide yourself with a self-hypnosis experience which is both enjoyable and effective.

Now you no longer have to take stress without having a solution to it. The ‘best me technique’ will guide you to get the ultimate peace.


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