How to Fight with Allergies


First of all let us all know what an allergy is. Well basically it is an infection that is stimulated by an allergen. Now what is an allergen? Well an allergen maybe any living or non-living component that triggers certain sensitive organ in the victim’s body thereby causing allergies. Allergies can be of various types. For some it may be like red rashes all over their body, for some just dry itchy patches all over their body and for some people it may be the uncontrollable sneezing when exposed to an allergen. Allergen too can be of numerous types, a common example is pollen and dust.

So, how do we stop the allergen from harming us or how do cure allergies (post-allergen effect)? Well the answer is right below:

  1. Steam: Steam is perhaps one of the best and cheapest ways to ward off those stupid allergies, especially if you are having a big trouble with sinusitis. Steam is actually a great way to get relieved from nasal congestion caused due to allergies. Just boil the water steaming hot, and just enjoy the healing effect of the steam and just make sure you’ve covered your head enough to block the steam from escaping (wrapping a towel around your head as you take steam would be absolutely great).


  1. Honey: People have always believed in the magical effects of honey over allergens. In fact some people even have a belief that consuming honey regularly will actually make you immune to pollens. Well, there is basically no scientific theory to back it up, but honey sure works wonders if consumed with hot water, milk or just as it is.


  1. Onions: Although smelly onions may cause a bit of a trouble sometimes, but when it comes to allergens and allergies, it is a life saver. Onion is loaded with Quercetin which is actually believed to control the release of histamine and other chemicals that respond to allergens and causes allergies. If you still don’t want to consume it then let me inform you that Quercetin is present in Red Wine too.


  1. Omega b3 fatty acid: People whose diet is rich in Omega b3 fatty acids, like sea foods, fish oil, are actually less likely to be a victim of allergens. Even if already infected, it helps in reduction of allergic symptoms.

Omega b3 fatty acid

  1. Stinging Nettle: Stinging Nettle is actually loaded with anti-histamine properties, i.e. it will help you in reducing histamine production. This means, no allergic reaction on the go.


  1. Vitamin C: Vitamin C can be taken as a medication for treating allergies but more than treatment, it works best at preventing, i.e. it prevents the production of histamine, the root cause of allergies.


  1. Turmeric: One of the chief spices among all the Indian spices, turmeric has its own anti-bacterial properties. It can also work as a powerful decongestant. Infact, it works better than some prescribed medicine. Just mix some organic turmeric with hot milk and sip it.


  1. Water: “water water everywhere but not a single drop to drink.” Well consumption of more water leads to more hydration of body, which leads to more mucous formation and ultimately a huge combat for allergens. Drink water regularly, especially on those days when you feel too dehydrated. Trust me, it actually wards off some pretty small (but harmful) health issues.