How Digital Art and Animation is Changing Marketing?

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Looking at how the advertising industry is functioning, I have to say we are truly in the digital era. Marketing strategies have changed a lot. Part of this change is advertising only for the targeted audiences, thereby saving both time and money, and keeping them perpetually excited.

Smart marketers now apply tricks that truly work for them and thus gain potential customers easily. One of their tricks – tried and tested – is using art and animation as a marketing tool to reach more audience and gain customers.

Chic graphic design can captivate people. Digital art and animation are a step ahead. Observing that, marketers have started clubbing animated video and even high-quality infographics with promotional ad content.

As for organic marketing, it has long been influenced by visual media. But now art and animation is redefining paid marketing as well.

Basically, the growth of visual web marked a paradigm shift in marketing. It’s not too hard to notice that videos, podcasts, images and colourful custom graphics can gain much more recognition and help in building brand names more quickly. Custom loyalty programs, for instance, gets a boost when it relies more on visual content.



Here are the elaborate reasons why art and animation is a game-changer in marketing.

  • Better SEO – it’s a hidden fact that most search engines like Google prefer sites that include animated videos and images in them. As it enhances your website’s search engine ranking and thus generates more leads. Digital art, therefore, can be a boon for SEO.
  • It’s entertaining – everyone enjoys watching animation despite their age. Animated videos, GIFs and digital artwork can grow and retain traffic. They helps increase your site traffic and retain them, thus elevating the likelihood that many of them will convert to customers. I am saying it again as clueless marketers tend to devalue its importance; Featuring animation is an easy way to retain site traffic.
  • Building a brand name – If a picture says a thousand words, a video probably says a million. Anything visual has a greater impact on the viewers than a bunch of texts. We all have affinity for artworks. A little bit of art can improve tropey ways of marketing.

Use animated content for the brand you want to promote. Viewers will not just remember the product, but the whole experience for a very long time – this is how brand make a permanent place in the collective subconscious.

  • Make them curious to use your product or service – A great animated video will excite people to use the product or the service that is advertised in it. A killer marketing strategy is an investment done to achieve success in different areas – including gaining new customers and holding existing ones. Digital art can help you pad out this kind of strategies.
  • Stand out in crowd – while your competitors are still using the old ways of marketing, you can apply this new marketing formula to get more people to know about your brand, and your product. An eye catchy animation/GIF will seem appealing to everyone. They’ll be interested to know more about the product, if not buy This is how you stand out in this overly crowded and overly competitive field.
  • It is trendy – After video blogging – that extensively used animated characters to articulate a point – gained a foothold in digital marketing, many thought traditional blogging will dissolve into non-existence. The bandwidth economy is a reason vlogging hasn’t replaced mainstream blogging and perhaps never will. But because of cool animation, vlogging is way trendier than normal blogging and more interesting too.
  • It is cost-effective – Animation is a cost-effective solution for marketing problems and cheaper than live videos. A non-animated video needs production designers, set decorators, models, cameraman. The cost of creating a live video, therefore, is exponentially higher than an animated video that only needs a script writer and a 2D/3D designer.

Digital art and animation are the cornerstones of the entertainment industry, which has been leaking owing to its inevitable criss-cross with other professional circles. So there’s little surprise that digital marketing is almost sold to artists, illustrators and animators.

Animation is a powerful and easy-to-use tool which can be accessed by anyone. Many small, midsize and large companies use youtube as a medium to reach out to millions of customers and advertise their products. Digital art and animation are the reason they are able to keep the budget of making these videos within the affordable range.


With numerous benefits that it provides, digital innovations in the digital world like using arts and animation have brought an evolution in the way of marketing and caused it to drastically change. New innovations are introduced to evolve marketing. Such innovations extensively use digital animation and provide users with a seamless experience.

Take 360° experience for example. It allows viewers to live the moment. Such exotic techniques are now applied to update art and animation technologies. It goes without saying that aided by cutting-edge technologies, marketing achieves wonders. Attracting users becomes hella easier. And needless to say, customers enjoy a gratifying experience.



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