Home Care and Cleaning Myths – Busted


Are you a fan of trying the latest cleaning technologies just to check out their efficiency? Or may be you are a true believer of the advice of your grandma who had just told you the perfect recipe for the removal of the greasy spots. If so, now it’s the time for a few revelations concerning home care and cleaning.

If you truly admire the conventional cleaning methods, you are probably not too far from the right way. However like in every sphere, there are plenty of myths which should be discussed and revealed so that you could really benefit from the time spent on cleaning.

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We commence with one of the general misleadings, connected with cleaning – the bleach. Bleach happens to be a great substance when we want to use it as an anti-bacterial weapon. While this is absolutely effective, it could not be said the same for the popular myth- the bleach is the perfect substance for cleaning. In fact it does not clean properly the surface on which it is put. It just kills the germs if there are any and then you should add another cleaning substance. The bleach itself is not enough to handle with this task.

Detergent- The next myth around cleaning is widespread that we could state without hesitation that everyone use and do it at least once a month. Putting more detergent in the laundry, with the hope that the clothes would become cleaner is more than a myth – it’s a common  mistake. When you throw your dirtiest clothes in the washing machine you often add a significant amount of detergent because you think this will have a better effect. Unfortunately it is exactly the opposite, the great amount of detergent can cause damage to your washing machine. It’s better to read the label first and to follow the instructions there.

Hair spray against ink spots! Doesn’t it sound a bit ridiculous? You have surely heard strange ways of cleaning spots and dirt which may be really helpful. Well this is not one of them unlike the popular belief and many applications of the hairspray. It contains a certain amount of alcohol and that is why it happens to be effective in some cases, but only when the material on to which the ink spot is spilled is made of polyester.

Newspapers – the best way to clean your windows- If you have recently make a full cleaning of your room you have probably cleaned attentively with a towel and then carefully with some newspapers. In spite of all recommendations to do the cleaning right in this way, this also appears to be another myth. The ink on the newspaper leaves prints easily on the glass – so they will be far from clean at the end. The conclusion- do not waste your time on doing this again- the effect may bitterly surprise you.

These are one of the most popular myths concerning the cleaning of your home. Face the facts and establish new do-it-yourself ways to make your home shiny and clean.


About the Author: Jack Sheamus works for London carpet cleaning agency so has long working experience and a lot of useful recommendations on how to do housekeeping easier and quicker.